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Round 1 in Moline Mayoral Race Goes to the Write In Candidate

Looking from an outsiders perspective – I found Tuesdays Mayoral primary elections in Moline, Illinois of great humor. Not that I have any grass to mow in Moline, nor do I personally have any personal connections to Moline politics or the powers that be in charge of the city. But after the way that the PTB played petty ballot challenges – leaving potential challengers out in the cold-  leading up to the primary it was satisfying to see the incumbent mayor take it in the shorts at the ballot box. For all I know, Moline Mayor Raes may be a standup guy whom would be willing to buy you a lap-dance from the hotties over at Daisy Dooks. But after the way he helped jerk the rug out from under Mr. Thanksgiving and other potential mayoral candidates, I laughed when he came in a distance second to candidate Ald. Stephanie Acri whom had to get all her votes from write in ballots. She didn’t just beat him, she kicked his tookas with almost 2200 votes more than the incumbent mayor amassed. Now that doesn’t mean he still can’t win as he will still be on the ballot in the general election against Ald. Acri. And I assume the election could easily rebound back his way. But for this round it is Shake the Foundations 1, Good Old Boys zero. And if I were Mr. Thanksgiving, I wouldn’t serve Mayor Raes have anything but salad at his big Thanksgiving bash. But since Mr. Thanksgiving is a much nicer person than I, I assume should Mayor Raes drop in on Thanksgiving he would heap his plate anyway. Probably even let the guy have some dessert.

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First and Ten Do It Again

By this point, I assume, the 2016 NFL Regular Season is in its final days awaiting the birth of the NFL Playoffs that leads to the Super Bowl.  I say assume, because I have not dialed my television to any NFL related product all season. On occasion the scores would pop up on my Facebook page but I saw no reason to click and point about a product I had pledged to boycott for the 2016 season. Way-Way back at the start of the season I decided, like many others, that if spoiled Multi-Millionaire Colin Kaepernick (and those of similar mind) felt the need to take a knee of protest during the National Anthem – I would  repay their bad behavior by  avoiding the NFL Product. Truth is, I don’t mind anyone protesting whatever they assume needs public addressing, as long as they do it in a proper place and manner. The Kaepernick Crowd decided to improperly bring their personal agenda into the workplace. The NFL Management allowed the improper behavior. So I cut ties with the NFL and all its products for the season. If the jerks responsible for the bad behavior had worked for most any normal company, than the NFL, they would have been disciplined and possibly fired. Early ratings were way down for the NFL. How much effect the nationwide boycott effected that decline continues to be debated.  Still I would like to take this time to thank Colin Kaep[ernick and the NFL for making me realize I didn’t miss a thing by avoiding their products this season. I never spent a single penny on NFL products. Many went further by boycotting NFL advertisers. Even better I reclaimed around 3 hours of my life on NFL game days.  I didn’t have to worry if the Pastor was going to finish the Sunday Sermon in time for a NFL noon kick-off. I could eat my meal in peace without the ups-and-downs associated with NFL related interruptions. I didn’t have to ignore chores or family/friends interaction in order to watch spoiled millionaires play a kids game. Three whole hours I normally spend ignoring real life was returned to me and untold dollars I normally spend on NFL merchandise stayed in my pocket, thanks to the poor behavior of spoiled millionaires – reminding me they don’t deserve the three hours of my life I faithfully donated every week in watching the NFL. My dogs, my chores, my family, my friends and especially my pocketbook thanks Colin Kaepernick and the NFL for returning my life to me. When I was a kid and played football for Fun, the cheerleaders used to have a shout of “First and Ten, Do It Again”. And this season was so enjoyable – I think I will, Do It Again! So instead of worrying about playoffs, the super bowl, the nfl draft days events as well as the 2017 regular nfl season – I think I will continue to live my life without the spoiled little rich kids playing a kids game showing their asses. Bye-Bye Kaepernick Crowd. Bye-Bye NFL. First and Ten, lets do it again.

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Kumbaya Legislation

Once again the State of Illinois proves it has no Equals in privacy invading Bipartisan “feel good” legislation heralding in the age of Big Brother. The new privacy invasion being promoted as Kumbaya Legislation states that –> The law validates hairdressers,  barbers, cosmetologists, aestheticians, hair-braiders and nail technicians to be trained as spies on their customers in order for them to make determinations on whether to call in the Big Brother Agency of the Department of Financial and Professional Regulation to determine possible spousal abuse. Nothing screams customer satisfaction better than helping your clients sexual fetishes being broadcast across the social and mainstream media sources as spousal abuse. Law firms across the State of Illinois and the surrounding States must be rubbing their hands together in anticipation  as their minions rearrange the Law Firms Treasure of Golden Nuggets in order to make room for the new vast amounts of treasure just made available to them by Illinois Legislators. It will become a No-Win scenario for the beauty service industry as they will face lawsuits  for misinterpretation of sexual fetishes as well as when someone feels let down by the Industry for missing the signs of actual spousal abuse. Lawyers, “Start Your Engines!” Beauty  Service Providers, better start searching for legal and insurance protection! Illinois Republicans and Democrats, way to help usher in the Age of Big Brother where Worker spies on Worker, Neighbor spies on Neighbor, Children Spy on Parents all under the under the guise of Kumbaya Legislation!!!




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Newspapers Nearing Extinction?

I’ve posited similar questions behind this post numerous times over the years; but has the time of the daily Newspaper reached its concluding  death throes? A recent news story from television station WQAD listed local newspaper the Quad City Times’ parent company, Lee Enterprises,  as one of the businesses that could fail and disappear, as soon as 2017.  A 2015 story from Pew Research Center suggested that a decline in subscribers and revenue has deeply cut into the value of daily newspapers. The articles I have read suggest that media sources are concentrating on reinforcing their radio, television and Internet broadcasting ventures while investing less into the daily newspaper. Of those I tend to use the Internet more than the others in searching for news. On another personal level I quit subscribing to the local Dispatch/Argus over a year ago. My family had been subscribing to the Dispatch since I was young boy and I carried on the practice as an adult.  And it has been even longer since I actually used it for advertisement.

My preference for news has always been the daily newspaper. It always offered me more information than the wham, bam, thank-you Mam, quickie news blurt you get from radio and television. But like the wandering bards and town criers the daily newspaper as a source of information seems headed towards extinction. Sure,  newspapers are scrambling to get their product switched to Internet form. But so  far it is at best clumsy to navigate and all but the most Dominate stories are lost to Internet Hell obscurity. Nor does their attempts at product merchandising for their advertisers seem to scream use my media source to improve your business revenue. And I am not even sure the media companies trying to make the switch even understand their product enough to make the switch to the Internet. When the local newspapers first started making the switch to the Internet – they both had a strong community following that included  vociferous exchanges of the articles they presented. Neither paper seemed to understand how to manage the gold mine that lay before them. Instead of nourishing and gardening the discussions they watched over the sites like a bar-room thumper. Like the newspapers that hosted them,  as a whole those extensions and the interest they generated have dissipated.

Maybe it is for the best that the daily newspaper is dying the slow death of extinction. Individuals that actually like to look past the shallow outer extremities  of daily news are an aging breed. They are  slowly being replaced by narcissistic selfie-taking zombies that follow in-vogue fads like lemmings. Television and Radio news bites fit their transient all-about-me lifestyle.

I have always been a Watcher.  I like to watch. I get fascinated by shadows that make up all the nooks and crannies of life. The way they push and shove against the constant tides of life, creates the shorelines that help define the boundaries of existence.  That is why I have always liked reading Newspapers. The daily newspaper was one of those nooks and crannies that helped to create foundations that the shoreline of existence could used to hold its form. And though their are replacements available, their products are much like trying to eat at  a Haute Cuisine restaurant that serves you a food plate that looks like a da Vinci but has all the sustenance necessary to create enough energy for an individual to scratch their ass.



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Target Unclear of Gender Distinctions

In the News today, retailer Target has announced it’s Management is unclear of distinctions between human genders. So someone had to come up with a new unisex bathroom strategy that will also give them more store space inside their buildings, by moving the bathrooms to the parking lot. The homeless and druggie factions are split on the idea as though it will offer them easier access for personal relief; it also has the disadvantage of no privacy for the times they need to speed.


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Ding, Dong the Wicked Prick is Dead

Can’t believe I forgot the happy celebration last November. I must be getting older and forgetful.

Samaritans Scalawags Scoundrels Fleecing the Sheep

Longtime Congressman from the IL. 17th District, Lane Evans, has died. His fictional tome is being scribed on the local Quad City media by his pablum spewing acolytes. That is how life works. You are born, you live, you die, people make phony speeches about what a great a person you were. No such spin here. Still I’ll give the Evans his due by posting a video representative of my deep set feelings for the man. It’s not political, It’s personal!!!

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Caution the following post may not be suitable for minors or PC Disciples. It may contain objectionable and dangerous wording, ideas and/or links. You are warned.

It has been long while since my last post. Contrary to all the vicious rumors I have been spreading about myself – I have neither died or fallen off of the planet Earth. Still I couldn’t resist the latest piece of PC culture reporting from would be PC Police.

While interviewing a guest; MSNBC host Melissa Harris-Perry became uncomfortable with her guests use of the term “hard-worker”. Sorry everyone,  evidently the PC Police Force continues to decide they must preapprove the proper good or evil semantic usage of all words and phrases. So honoring their worry about the descriptive usage of “hard-worker”, and not wishing to offend their delicate sense of PC propriety,   I have made a suggestive list of laborers that  literally fit the term “Hard-Workers“. If your name is not on this list I suggest you will have to submit, in triplicate, applications to Ms. Harris-Perry and the PC Police seeking to be included or in an effort to propose your own list of hardworking men or other personages.

theScoundrels list of literally correct hard-working men.

  • Mandingo
  • Lexington Steele
  • Ron Jeremy
  • Rocco Siffredi
  • Evan Stone
  • Peter Stone
  • Mr. Marcus
  • Mr. Pete
  • Mick Blue
  • James Deen
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Fort Lauderdale Stupid is as Stupid Does

Fort Lauderdale Florida,  just another example of Stupid is as Stupid Does.


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Ding, Dong the Wicked Prick is Dead

Longtime Congressman from the IL. 17th District, Lane Evans, has died. His fictional tome is being scribed on the local Quad City media by his pablum spewing acolytes. That is how life works. You are born, you live, you die, people make phony speeches about what a great a person you were. No such spin here. Still I’ll give the Evans his due by posting a video representative of my deep set feelings for the man. It’s not political, It’s personal!!!


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Saw this image on Facebook.  It’s statement paints an accurate image of much of today’s progressive society.


Next up, 2015!





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