Posted by: thescoundrel | November 13, 2006

Welcome to My World

To all sojourners and weary voyagers of the World-Wide Internet that stumble upon this site I say: Welcome to my world! I live on the third rock from the Sun, on a planet called Earth, in a two state (IA/IL) multi-city sprawl, conurbation wannabe, called the Quad Cities in the USA. I have worn many different robes of life and I hope to wear many more before life’s road ends. I have been both saint and sinner. I am both conservative and liberal. I have been and still am both optimist and cynic. I am something of a Zelig, blending in with my social and physical surroundings. This is to be compilation of my views of personal and current events and the individuals that shape those events. Caution, some of my content may be found not suitable for human consumption. Also “readers beware” of poor spelling, bad grammar, useless articulation, outdated terminology, colloquialisms and other nefarious acts committed to the English Language that may be present on this site.

In the most fundamental of descriptions, I am just a simple Joe Average USA citizen, like the majority of the citizens of this country, trying to travel life’s road with my fellow Samaritans on pathways that are congested with Scoundrels and Scalawags whom are trying to find sheep to fleece.


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