Posted by: thescoundrel | November 20, 2006

That Most Joyous Holiday of All

Well my fellow Internet Voyagers I had not really planned on posting anything for several more days. But as I sat back this week in my overstuffed recliner with my weary mind and eyes focused on the tasks ahead, my tired feet propped up and gleefully dangling in the air, a 24 oz. bottle of Diet Mt. Dew firmly gripped in my bear like paw and preparing to enjoy one of my favorite Quad City media sources, called The Dispatch, the reality that the Holiday celebrations that will fill us all with “JOY AND LAUGHTER” (I am painfully aware of this spiritual growth because every “Joyous and Laughter” season I am reminded by an onslaught of titillating National Debt Proportion spending of Internet, newspaper, radio and television commercials; all designed to generate this feeling so I will SPEND-SPEND-SPEND) is upon us, fell out on my lap! (Whew! Okay any of you out there; BIG exhale, breathe’in-breathe’out-breathe’in naturally through the nose. Now back to my current 2006 epiphany.) Yahoo, no not the web giant, the hillbilly version of goody-goody-goody! Yes, one of my favorite shopping sites, Farm and Fleet, had actually managed to get me their After-Thanksgiving advertisement a full week ahead of Thanksgiving. This immediately brought joy to my heart as it reminded of that most celebrated and anticipated Holiday of the year, NO NOT Christmas, Black Friday! It has become such a phenomenom that there is even a web site, curiously enough called Black Friday, that offers up to we the consumer, many of the Black Friday Advertisements for your employment.

Yes Black Friday, the most anticipated Holiday of the year. That day following Thanksgiving when you can see General Managers and CEO’s across this great nation allow smiles of happiness and tears of joy to roll down their normally Scrooge-like scowled faces. It is their time of cheer and good will as they happily listen to the  cha-ching of the cash registers, to the tune of Cash-Check-or Credit card please, as the merry (and some not so merry) After-Thanksgiving overly carb-fueled shoppers rush out to fill their mini-vans and SUVs with the many shopping treasures made available for their use and consumption in exchange for some of their hard earned cash! Oh the joy we Samaritans shall bring to the deprived souls of these Scrooges as we splurge our cash and dignity to purchase the treasures made available to us and start the push of their net gain profit out of the red-line loss margins and above into the black-line of profit. Many of us will be dragging our nearly carbed-comatose selves out of bed at hours we never thought possible. Though in years past that meant arriving at the store of choice an hour early or so, the mega-giant box stores have changed that pattern. The MegaMonster 24/7 Box stores like Wal Mart have upped the ante forcing the other retail stores to follow their lead and thus those of us wishing to strike purchasing item gold will have to beat the Just-Say-No to flying-south-for-the-winter-birds out of bed. And so  instead of reaching for that snooze button on the alarm clock, that we all reset the maximum amount of times mechanically allowed during the workweek, many of us will instead force our weary bodies from bed and stand in line with the rest of the early bird shoppers hoping to be one of the few chosen ones to get their hands on those last few ‘Tickle Me Elmo’ wannabe and bargain items. I say to you all, have fun!

But buyers beware! Many of the scoundrels of the market will lure you to their stores with the promise of unbelievable opportunities for items, preying on your lustful spending urges to get a bargain, only for you to find out they have run out of the limited availability items. Check your advertisements and times those items are available closely. Try and determine what stores have matching items that also price match and their rules of engagement in your price match end-around, and then purchase at a location and time where the item will not have the whole population of your city lined up seeking the same prize. And do not forget to properly scold any scoundrel GM of a store where they pull those semi-bait and switch tricks (ignore tromping on the heads of the sales clerks over this problem (that is exactlty the impotent gesture the GM will hope for, as usually the clerks are caught up in the same web of grand misdirection you are). Ah but we do not wish to get too indepth about bait and switch as that is another tale worth telling and worth giving the proper recognition deserved.


(and save me one of those raspberry filled sugar cookies in case I am late getting to the mall)



  1. No Black Friday Brick and Mortar for me – I am doing the majority of my shopping on line from this list of on line e-tailors

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