Posted by: thescoundrel | December 6, 2006

That Special Gift for that Special Someone

As I was kicked back in Big Green thumbing through the avalanche of Sunday Christmas Advertisements, all designed to lure me out among the multitude of Christmas Shoppers, all crowded into buildings designed to hold half the amount that was milling through the isles, to spend wads of my cash; I was suddenly ensnared by someone’s suggestion of an idea of a gift by committee for a dear family member. Instead of doing the sane thing and immediately knocking myself unconscious with a hammer, I bit on the idea hook, line and sinker! Woe is me, did someone slip something mind dulling into my jug of Mt. Dew? After much non-useful repetitive circular deliberation everyone decided on the type of present and cash needed, and after which  I was voted as the sacrificial-lamb, err I mean pointman in the search for this illustrious committee gift. (I don’t even remember seeking the honor.) After spending the first part of my week researching various models and features suggested on the Internet I packed my multitude of model feature sheets freshly printed from the Internet and made my way to the various retail outlets and intermingled with the gloomy and glum, err I mean bright and cheery sales clerks. {Out of Stock! New model change! Where is the clerk on duty? Sorry sir but I work in ladies lingerie. Can someone help this guy over here! We can order that one for you. We have a similar model to that one! That one does not have all the features that you will really want! If you buy Today we will give you a ten percent discount (except for certain model disclaimers) when you sign-up for one of our high interest credit cards etc. etc. etc…} Needless to say I was the glum and gloomy Gus upon my return trip home. After returning to the committee with my strenuously obtained findings, The Alpha-Shopper of the group (the same shopper who stated they did not have time to do the footwork and also had volunteered my services) decided she was unhappy with my findings, as she was sure that she could get a better deal. (So why didn’t she just go get that better deal to start with and save me time and trouble!) Grrrrr! I decided to sit back down in Big Green and read the Sunday funny papers I had pushed to the side several days earlier in order to do the now rejected research. And of course the big committee purchase has not yet been finalized. ROFLMAO!



  1. Glad you’re blogging Scoundrel—the QC blogging community needs more voices.

  2. Thank you and welcome to my place! I am glad to see you visit here. I have seen and recognize your posts from other blogs and always find them intelligent and thought provoking. I welcome all comments and suggestions, pro or con (as long as the commenter promises to be semi-civil and more importantly not eviscerate me). 🙂

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