Posted by: thescoundrel | January 4, 2007

Th-Th-Th-Thats all for 2006 Folks

Weeee-ll Doggies! The New Year has arrived. Say goodbye (is this word doomed to join other words in the PC Police waste basket of unacceptable deity acknowledgement expressions like Merry Christmas, it is short for God be with you, even though it was considered shocking and blasphemous by many when it first became popular) to the old, 2006, and hello to the new, 2007. Ah, but we all know, things do not really change much overnight. SO – About face, Forward March, on with the show this is it (you will have to add your own audio and visual memory tribute to the link)!

While many of you were ringing in the New Year followed by a bone-crunching onslaught of college football, I was busy reclined in Big Green, once again absorbed by the ancient wisdoms of the Sci Fi Channel’s annual Twilight Zone marathon, while only leaving the Rod Serling masterpieces long enough to catch one of my newer favorite shows, “No Reservations” with Author and Chef Anthony Bourdain, on the Travel Channel. Yes I know it probably taints my infamous macho image, but I love to watch shows based on cooking. I suppose later I can go out and find some Woody Allen type to beat up as an offer of macho-man penance.


Unlike other cooking shows I watch, “No Reservations” has less to do about actual cooking and is more about cultural vision and cooking tradition. Bourdain is a foul-mouthed, heavy-smoking, heavy-drinker with an abrasive personality that enters into national and international venues partaking in and exposing the viewer to nontraditional (to the average USAmerican) cultural and food adventures. Despite his coarse character he offers up his hosts the honor of living and experiencing life in their culture. Sometimes he is eating and dining at fine dining establishments but often he is on the streets of someplace eating exotic combinations that most of us probably have (gladly) never even been exposed to. I have sat and watched him consume things that would have made me wretch just to look upon. He often helps in the harvest and preparations of whatever he is eating. And afterwards he always sets down, socializes and eats the meal, no matter how disgusting. I salute him for his ability to surmount his abrasive personality and become a willing guinea pig and ambassador to the shows cultural adventure.



  1. hey, cooking shows are fun! nothing to do with machismo. i don’t get anthony bourdain here except his tv show kitchen confidential, but that doesn’t even star him, so i don’t watch it. i love watching jamie oliver. previously i used to watch nigella lawson too, she makes her food look so sinful to eat, and she eats it with such relish.

  2. “Goodbye” means “God be with you”? There’s something I didn’t know. And some people say you can’t learn anything reading blogs. Goodbye!

  3. I’ve never seen No Reservations, but the way you describe it seems to be much like my all time favorite cooking show, The Two Fat Ladies.

    2FL was like No Reservations in that it was also part travelogue to various places in the UK. But the recipes they featured, both on their TV show and their cookbooks ( I have ’em all!) would probably rival anything featured in No Reservations and any Third World (or No World) country.

    Take the recipe for “Jugged Hare”—please! It begins, “marinate the hare, with its chopped liver, blood, and heart, in all the ingredients listed” overnight, and then goes downhill from there. Please don’t ask about the recipes featured at Henry VIII banquets! What about “Boiled Beef”? Or how about a perfectly fine salmon recipe that calls for 1& 1/2 sticks of butter? Or what about a recipe described as a children’s favorite, “Pork Stuffed with Clams” calling for pork, clams, chili sauce and globs of lard? Why aren’t the Brits fatter than we are? It ain’t fair!

    I confess that I have used a few recipes in the 2FL cookbooks that were very good, although they needed some tweaking, but I’d say that when it comes to exotic, the cuisine of some place like Borneo has nothing on the cuisine of the UK!

    R.I.P Jennifer

  4. Shhh, do not tell anyone (cannot afford the damage to my billy-goat gruff reputation) but I love to cook and I love to get ideas and turn them into something designed for thescoundrels palette, from cooking shows. I do not get ideas from Bourdain because most of his show does not revolve around the cooking process but the consumption and cultural event. Also many of the things he eats I would probably spew chunks trying to consume, of course I do not consume alcohol, and Bourdain usually has had enough to float a boat by the end of each of his episodes and he might not be consciously aware of the things he is eating. Still he seems to enjoy whatever he is served most of the time. Perhaps the most spewing moment for me was the Inuit episode (thankfully I only saw highlights of that show), where he sat down with an Inuit family with a freshly slain seal and they consumed the thing raw. One of the more memorable moments was Bourdain sucking out the critters eyeball for its contents. I realize it is a cultural thing, but Yuck! That is why I salute his ability to set down among different cultural eating events and consume just about anything that is placed in front of him. I simply could not do it and I have eaten things, such as fried squirrel/hog brains, blood pudding and fried pig testicles, which I am sure many people would find equally repulsive.

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