Posted by: thescoundrel | January 7, 2007

Arrrrgh, Music Format Change, Not Again!

I love listening to music. My lifetime collection contains many albums (mostly 33 rpm but actually if I looked around I might even find a few 45 rpm and some of my grandmother’s old 78 rpm collection), although I do not currently have anything setup to play them with. Shush now (my great-grandmothers favorite words when I was in the room, what can I say, I have always been a motor-mouth and lamp-shade entertainer around those I am comfortable being around), and I will let you in on a secret, somewhere hidden in an attic someplace on this planet, I also have a couple of 8-trak players/recorder awaiting a renaissance, though the tapes that accompanied them have rotted away long ago. Most of my newer music is all compact disks with a few cassettes mixed in.  I have no particular favorite artist. If I were in a position where I had to choose one genre of music, I would probably choose classic country. There is something I have always liked about the twang of older country music. But in my collection of music you would also find both pre-scoundrel and modern pop/top40, rock and roll, big band, classical, Broadway/movie, jazz, gospel and select new age artists such as Ray Lynch, Enya and Tomita. I used to have a pretty good-sized Elvis Presley (he was my parents favorite artist and I grew up surrounded by his music and movies) collection but that has dwindled over the years through excessive use. If you could dig through my selection of music albums/cds you will find some Sinatra, the Broadway version of Camelot (I could even sing you most of the tunes, off key, if requested), maybe some Pat Boone, Bob Dylan, Dr. Hook and the Medicine Show, John Denver, The Beatles, Hank Williams Sr. & Jr., Webb Pierce, Garth Brooks, Alan Jackson and etc. I am especially fond of the Ray Lynch albums Deep Breakfast and No Blue Thing.

What brought on this barrage of words was an article located in Saturdays Kiddy section of The Dispatch! (The same paper containing an article that let me know that my overuse of exclamation points was pretentious!!!) The article was talking about the financial collapse of Tower Records and how most of the evolving generations are now choosing to download their music online ushering a demise of record stores across the nation. The Itunes phenomenon also seems to be driving a stake through the heart of the Compact Disk Industry. I realize that it isn’t just the kiddies downloading their music; I am always being given quizzical looks by my own generation because I do not get on board the new downloading music train. I have been through the album to cassette to 8-trak back to cassette to CD progression of the music industry but I am slower than most of my generation evidently, because I refuse to embrace the new downloading your music technology. (Hah, I do not even own a cellular phone! If you see someone fuming and fussing while walking alongside the road away from a broken-down vehicle, that is probably me.) OK, I admit it I am degenerating from former tech-savvy into a Stone Age Dinosaur Consumer. I hate the concept of downloading music. I am not interested in investing my hard earned cash on some new technology that I do not trust or that requires oodles (Is that word even used anymore?) of my personal time including my having my computer exposed to the Internet while I play pick and choose musical chairs. Besides I like buying complete albums of an artist. I realize that often an artist will offer up DJ commercialized versions of their works just to get more eccentric items that they value on the album. The whole collection permits me to get to know and understand the artist’s direction a little bit better. There are often times I buy an album and when I get it home I do not even like half the music on an album. But more often than not most of the album content begins to grow on me. I understand the desire to be able to pick and choose songs instead of purchasing a whole album, but I also understand that a lot of music (as does most art) just deserves the chance to be observed and examined more than once to be appreciated. And the nice thing about the CD is that if the music does not grow on me I can still pick and choose what I listen to. Plus if I so choose I can still return to the rest of the album and give it more chances for the message to reach me. Of course, I seem to be finally aging and I seem to be regressing back toward the Dinosaur Days. Who knows, maybe I will eventually decide to dump my calculators and computer for an abacus and sheepskin parchment.



  1. I’ve owned all the music formats you mentioned and still play my vinyl once in a great while. You might enjoy downloading music if you gave it a try. You can buy whole albums as well as the single that come from them. Even if you don’t own an iPod, it’s seamless to play your songs from your PC while your making entries into your blog. Take it from someone approaching their ‘black balloon birthday’, it’s easy and you can also let the youngsters know you’re still a force to be reckoned with. Give it a try!

  2. You read it here first: Analog is the new digital. Trust me.

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