Posted by: thescoundrel | January 11, 2007

Trips of Science and Imagination

The universe is a vast aged creation overflowing with virginal adventures waiting to fulfill the unfathomable dreams and desires of yet nameless explorers. There will come a day when the progeny of the current Earth bound cavemen shall mature, then reach out and trace the presently forbidden regions of that Universe with anticipating hands. Until that day we can only dream and use our existing tools, minds and imagination to enhance our Earth-bound restricted visions of the wonders that await us. Delightfully, even that elementary equipment offers our minds revelations that are beyond credible description:


My favorite site, Hubble. I never tire of visiting this link, several lifetimes of knowledge available from the click of your mouse..


The Hubble Gallery breathtaking views of the Universe.


My personal favorite sub-directory, Nebula Collection.

A slideshow of of places we can only imagine.

An excellent site for looking at the Earth and its sky.

Earthview, a sub-directory of Formilab. My recommendation is to view it at nighttime. Despite the spectacular nighttime view, it always leaves an element of sadness in me when I think about the loss of a view of the night sky due to ever increasing extreme artificial light pollution.


And until the day we can journey the skies of the Universe we have a world of adventures just outside our backdoors to enrich our lives, stimulate our curiosity and teach us the knowledge that shall take us to the unexplored regions of the universe:


National Geographic, science, nature, history, people and places from around the world.


And for some of us we are just dreaming big for small miracles of life:

The NotJohnMarxFantasy website for big dreamers. I personally keep their website hit count high with my numerous visits.











  1. You’ve got interesting taste. I’m impressed. Have you visited my master’s blog at Look up his profile. He’s also an avid student of astronomy although he’s not a science guy per se. His blog is on life though he’s not a big dreamer like you–just a realist.

  2. NotJohnMarxFantasy … what the? Ah ha. A bit of html trickery. There are some things I don’t agree with John on, but the folly of being a Cubs fan isnt’ one of them. (You’ll need to diagram that statement to distill the content.)

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