Posted by: thescoundrel | January 13, 2007

Move over Alien Autopsy

Yes it is true, move over “Alien Autopsy”; a new sensationalized documentary is about to replace the vaunted film for conspiracy buffs.

 Back in 2000-2001 there was an Internet Urban legend created about a supposed Time Traveler, named John Titor. Titor started showing up in Internet chat rooms claiming to be a time traveler from the near future. He is credited to have made several prophetic accounts of a not too distant future where the planet is in serious problems with around 2/3 of the world’s population dead.  Now what manages to give the predictions any credence is that many of his predictions revolved around current conspiracy issues. He had plenty of fodder for the Bush haters with stories revolving around loss of rights of privacy and Globalist issues concerning NAFTA AND CFTA, where we become one country with Canada and Mexico. He also predicted the widening spread of Mad Cow disease, civil war in the US and a host of other stuff all very believable and designed to feed and grow out of conspiracy plots and fear. He was supposed to have been exposed as a college student hoax, but exposed or not the legend lives on. And now thanks to Cris McCarthy and Fast Track Productions we are all about to be (?)treated(?) to a conspiracy filled documentary on his legendary exploits and his Nostradumass like predictions. Now I think time-travel makes for entertainment as an excellent fiction book or movie. But if they try and make the story a factoid documentary piece I feel it will give Alien Autopsy a run for its money as pure schlock. Still the Titor messages did bring up a lot of social issues that should probably cause us to take a look at the roads we travel.  

And on the darker side of life: 

One prediction that did hit home with me that is tied to the Titor myth has been the continuing push to create a manmade black hole by scientists. I have been reading stories about this on the net for months. There really are people out there trying to create a black hole. Now that does worry me, not because a supposed time traveler predicted it, but because I just am not sure I am comfortable with a bunch of scientists hiding under the Alps trying to tear open a black hole on the Earth. Now call me crazy, hey many people do so you will not be the first, but my limited understanding of a black hole is that it pulls matter into the hole. What goes in has to go out somewhere. Plus tearing a hole in anything is far different than being able to fix a tear once you make one. Sometimes when you tear something it just keeps tearing. And anytime you tear something you weaken the item even if you are able to patch it back up. Now call me crazy again, but I really am not interested in being pulled out into another dimension or get space trash dumped on us because someone has created a cosmic imbalance where some type of osmosis occurs and further screws up the Cubs chance at going to the World Series within the next century. They do that well enough on their own. Either way my comfortable little world gets screwed up and I wind up wasting that wad of cash I paid for that big screen I bought to watch the Cubs win the series on. Now I am sure that it would be a much faster way to diet down to twiggy-size levels as our bodies are pulled through a pin sized hole, but I would rather avoid that experience. I also realize that the predicted level of danger is small. But do the rest of us get a vote on this procedure? If we do I am voting no, not that the French and Swiss scientists working on this project care really care what I think. I like science and what it offers but this move seems a little too bold, while I am still breathing. Let them go to the Mars and play with their black holes. Hey I’ll even donate a buck or two to get them off planetside.


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