Posted by: thescoundrel | January 29, 2007

Seventeen Seconds, Sometimes it is an Eternity

What can you do in seventeen seconds?  Probably not enough time to read even one of my shorter posts! Seventeen seconds. When you say seventeen seconds, it does not leave much of an impression, especially when you include it within the time and extent of your life. A few deep breaths and it disappears into the fabric of eternity. Yet this week forty years ago, seventeen seconds was an eternity for three brave explorers. Forty years ago seventeen seconds proved that despite hard work, effort, optimism and planning even the best plans could instantly turn to disaster! In seventeen seconds you can go from the personification of excellence to just another name in the history books.  Forty years ago three explorers lost their lives, as did many explorers before and after them, attempting to take mankind where it had never been before. It was a reminder that since man first started exploring the unknown, the advances has cost lives of those who strive to lead us into unfamiliar worlds. I was a very young kid but I can still remember the tragic announcement about the loss of the crew of Apollo 1, Gus Grissom, Ed White and Roger Chaffee in a flash fire during a training test. We can never know what was happening in the minds of these men who had started the next step in fulfilling their fantasies of visiting the moon and when just seventeen seconds later their lives ended and their dream was destroyed. It still saddens me when I remember the incident. And I am sure there are many individuals more capable than I of revealing the significance of their story. Still I salute them, for it is from the sacrifices of these and similar individuals looking into the darkness and pushing against the obstacles that block and trip us, from which our future is formed. They should be remembered for their bravery, sacrifice and for risking everything when taking those first early steps that have helped direct us towards our future.  


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