Posted by: thescoundrel | February 7, 2007

Trips Around the Blog World

I thought I would share a few more sites that I have been visiting. Since all but one are blogs; you will have to determine the validity of the information you will find at the sites, should you accept this mission to click the links! (I really have this crazy urge to play the theme to Mission Impossible and say “this tape will self-destruct in sixty seconds.” It must be some residual aftereffects of the S*p*r B*wl Game.)

 The first two links are from an Iranian blogger. He is taking the current hostility rumblings a lot calmer than I would if I lived in his region of the world!  It is commented on and visited by people from many different places and it has links to many other similar regional blogs. Caution, I will warn anyone visiting the link or the links on his blog, that there are some posters and links on his blog that have a very hostile attitude for USAmericans. I think the blog offers up an interesting look at a more moderate Iranian view than we are normally exposed to about how we are viewed overseas.

Islamic Republic Shows the Finger

War with Iran 

The next link is a blog offering up insight about the suppressing of blogging information many mid east Bloggers face from conservative Islamic governments.

Persian Impediment

The next two blogs are Western blogs that keep track of happenings in China. I have been trying to read  information about China for a long time. I started keeping a closer look about the time of the Dubai port outrage. One expert who was talking about the incident was also talking about how China had managed several US ports for years.  They also seem to be getting control of several ports south of our borders also. They worry me a lot more than the Dubai ports dealings.

China e-Lobby

China View

My last link is to a board where you can link to newspapers from around the world. Some are in English (which is all I can read) others offer up their native language.

On-line Newspapers

Comments and opinions are always welcome.



  1. Mornin’ CB. I was wondering if you knew what a scalawag was? Seeing as your first name is Cornbread, a fine southern staple, I thought the chances might be pretty good. But, being from Iowa/Illinois, you may not….
    Anyway, thanks for stopping by my humble blog.
    All th best, Nuke

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