Posted by: thescoundrel | February 11, 2007

Looking for the Beef

More and more POTUS wannabes are raising their hands and screaming Me-Me-Me pick ME. Yet I have yet to hear or read a well laid out plan to tackle the terror problem in Iraq and the rest of MidEast from either party’s pretenders to the throne. Most of the pretenders seem to talk versions of either “stay the course” or “cut and run” in Iraq and skim over or ignore the rest of the terror situations. In other words an increase in party speechifying, lacking substance other than party kiss-ass. I have come to expect this “hate on and point fingers at the other guy” type of mentality from both parties and their candidates. The only positive at addressing the Iraq problems I have seen as of late, has been the Bush appointment of a new General (who is supposed to be made up of the right stuff, whatever that is) to run the Iraq showcase. I hope he is the Beef Bush needs to fix Iraq. Since Lincoln seems to be getting referred to a lot of late: the new General seems a fitting accompaniment to the Lincoln allusions, as Lincoln had to change Generals a lot before he found a winner warrior. Of course Lincolns final choice for General was a brutal bloodletting military individual that would be castigated by the media in our modern feel-good wars. So rather than let the two-party POTUS rhetoric place me in an inescapable comatose state I have been spending a lot of time reading on the Internet. While jumping around the various links I travel I ran across a couple of links I found interesting.

The first link is to the Counterterrorism Blog. It has several interesting looks at the terror problems we face. Included is a piece about hate filled radical school textbooks being used in Britain. There is also a piece talking about Iran and sanctions. The recent pact in Palestine is talked about. There are some interesting articles about Hezbollah. One talks about continuing conflict with Israel and another takes a look at the possibility they are getting ready to start up fighting within Lebanon. They examine terror all around the world. If you have not visited the site, I think it is worth a look.


The next links are from a site by a former convert to radical Islam, Daveed Gartenstein-Ross. The first link is an excerpt from his Readers Digest article talking of his attraction, conversion and eventual rejection of radical Islam.


The next link is a list of his publication and Internet journals talking of terrorism and it’s effects. I have not read them all but I find it interesting to read thoughts from someone who had been seduced into the movement and then left.




  1. Most of the experts I have been hearing lately, including some in the military, agree that our military presence in Iraq is making the terrorism problem worse. Our military presence in Iraq is turning people into anti-American terrorist who otherwise would not be. So proposals to end our military presence in Iraq are proposals to reduce the terrorist threat. Of course, at this point, 4 years into an invasion and occupation that should not have happened, all the options are bad. But the best of a bad lot of options is to, when you are in a hole, stop digging.

  2. Illegal occupations of sovereign nations is always the right mixture for more contempt against the invading country. Bush has taken a bat to the bee’s nest in the Middle East, but for some reason, he and his Cabal cannot fathom that they have created more hatred against our country. What will it take for them to realize this? I don’t think they care actually! The illegal invasion and subsequent nation building was all about capturing the oil and dividing it up amongst an elite few. Notice how the Brits will be pulling out entirely at some point. Seems that once those oil contracts are signed, England will have no reason to be in Iraq anymore. Iraq is now the central front for the PNAC to use as their base to go after the oil in the rest of the Middle East. Iran next? Yep! They don’t even refine their oil in Iran, so for guys like Bush and Blair, this is wonderful news! Just steal it and give it their buddies to refine it.

    I’m so angry about it. I don’t think my anger will go away after the 2008 election even if a democrat is put in to lead our nation. I cannot forget what I’ve witnessed under the Bush Regime. I will hold them accountable forever.

  3. It does not matter whether we stay or not. Those people hate us. They have hated us and called for our death since I was little kid. They have always hated us. The only difference is now they can actually reach across the ocean to attack us. Hating on Bush or any other past administration serves no purpose and it will not solve the problem. It is not just Bushs fault. In fact it is not just any one governments fault. Do we give them reasons to hate us, yes. But the hate felt for our country is older than our country itself. Did you read the story on globalterrorism talking about the Muslim textbooks in Britain espousing hate beliefs? Even after the British government talked to the people in charge of the schools kept coming up with reasons not to take then out of the schools. The US leaving Iraq at this point will not solve the problem. The US just staying in Iraq is not going to solve the problem. We have to leave the country, but not in a manner of just “cut and run” or “stay the course”. We have to put people in there that can solve the problems that the US, surrounding countries and enabling countries from around the globe have created, leave a stable government behind and then remove our presence to a safe distance. If we do not leave behind a stable friendly government and we just leave; then we will wind up going right back in shortly after we leave, except like in Lebanon, the extremists will have had time to build bunkers that will limit the effectivness our air warfare. Then it will be an even bloodier mess for our troops. Or we will be forced to use nuclear weapons. During the time we are plotting our exit we also have to do what was promised by the Carter and ever other administration afterwards but was never really worked at; we have to remove ourselves from the dependence on oil as an energy source. Not just cut consumption. No more feet dragging, no more empty bipartisan speeches. Not just uncap our own oil resources. But actively search for alternative energy sources. Until we do we will have our noses buried in the Mid Eastern problems. It is inevitable that until we defang the terror groups we will have to continue to insert our military inside the hotspots, whether we or one of them create the hotspot. The only sure way to defang and get rid of these terrorists is to cut off their money supply. You cut off the need for oil then you cut off their biggest source to buy weapons.

  4. Well said and amen, Scoundrel.

  5. There is NO answer. There is NO WAY to stop a small terrorist band from bringing a nuke in to the US. There is NO WAY. No army, police force, secret service, nada, nothing short of tearing up the constitution and turning America into a police state.

    So the question, which has faced nearly EVERY republic/democracy is how do you stop this?

    Athens couldn’t. Rome couldn’t. England couldn’t. How will we?

    Historically, it is all well and good to be in an empire during its golden age, but when that age ends…look out!

    Now, with nuclear weapons becoming more available…its simply a matter of time before we implode into a police state, with neighbor turning in neighbor, public executions, state controlled secret police having access to every part of our lives…or we live with the risk. Draw down our interference in foreign affairs. Share the wealth. Draw down our military and get rid of our own nuclear weapons.

    Greece, Rome…heck, even England first blew all their cash, energy, youth et. al. becoming militaristic police states before imploding. Don’t follow their lead.

  6. I am not a fan of War. But I am not a pacifist nor do I think we can solve the problems we face from the Mid East radicals without using violence to answer their thrown gauntlets. The radicals have stated and displayed over and over and over again their mission plan to either convert us or kill us. I take them for their word that they are serious. Can we stop them from attacking us? Probably not. But if violence is what they want, I say return it to them.

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