Posted by: thescoundrel | February 17, 2007

The Movie Industry Continues Chumming the Waters of Life for Boomer Cash!

Can you separate the Boomer generation from the birth and adolescence of Television? Probably not, and evidently the Movie Industry also seems to think along the same idea. They are always dipping into early TV for programing ideas. And with the ever-increasing quality of computer-aided graphics, the movie industry has been reaching into the treasure trove of televisions cartoon shows from the boomer generation. We have seen the likes of Rocky and Bullwinkle, The Thunderbirds, George of the Jungle, Dudley Do-Right, The Flintstones, Richie Rich, Scooby Do, Inspector Gadget, Josie and the Pussycats, Fat Albert and Mr. McGoo. I was sooo disappointed that they skipped over the The Archie Show series and chose its sister show Josie and the Pussycats. Other than the original Flintstones Movie, the original Scooby Do Movie and a few cartoon crossovers like Spiderman, Superman and the X-Men, which were really big time action comics that struggled to survive creatively in the cartoon world, most of the rest were mediocre to just plain stinker “cartoon to movie” regenerations. But I guess it was inevitable they would continue to expand their horizons and dip even deeper into boomer classics, trying to grab some of that Boomer cash before we are all killed off in some “Twilight Zone” world disaster. It appears one of the coming boomer favorite cartoons to make the jump to the big screen will be, Underdog, sans the long deceased voice of Wally Cox. Maybe I am wrong, but I have a hard time believing that this will be much better than many of the other revived cartoon characters sent to bat at the big screen. Maybe some creations should just be left to live in past memories and/or regenerate on the cartoon networks instead of in a big-screen box office flop. Pardon me, but it is late and I have to go take my Underdog super energy pill so I can stay alert for Coast to Coast AM. And I would not want to miss the next UFO conspiracy.


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