Posted by: thescoundrel | February 23, 2007

Anna Nicole Smith – Lived fast, died young and had a good-looking corpse

Well, after several days of testimony the judge made his decision in the trial determining where Anna Nicole Smith is to be buried. In the end he made what most experts seem to think was the only decision he could have made from the start of the proceedings. He turned the dead body of the late Smith over to the court appointed guardian of her five-month-old child. He also recommended that Anna be buried along side her recently deceased son. The evidence that was displayed at the trial displayed little doubt that Smith desired to be buried by her dead son. The only conflicting question revolved around her clarity of mind when making decisions before her death. And despite that it was evident that her faculties were flawed by abusive drug use – it seemed there was little doubt with anyone in the gallery, except Smith’s mother, that Smith only cared about being near her dead son. Though the involved parties involved in the trial had supposedly worked out their differences; there are now rumors that Smith’s mother has already filed an appeal. That does not surprise me as this trial was just the springboard for several trials that will revolve around Anna Nicole Smith, her now parentless five-month-old child and the prospect of becoming the administrator to the “yet undetermined” millions of dollars that Smith’s baby daughter will inherit. I managed to watch a great deal of the trial and the cast of characters in this trial will make some biographer(s) very rich. Most of the individuals seeking control of Smith’s dead body came across to me as pitiful as the short-lived life of Anna Nicole Smith.

The adjudicator in this trial was a self-described eccentric Judge. He came across as the probable love child of Judge Judy and Judge Ito. And though there were many rumors about future intentions, he came across to me as a caring individual that was most interested in getting the parties to see past personal ambitions and take notice of the baby’s best interests and what Anna Nicole Smiths personal wishes would have been concerning her burial. It evidently worked for a short time. Only time will tell what type of lurid memories will be gathered and used as weaponry by these combatants. One can only hope they will not forget every dirty piece of laundry they display is one more dirty piece of laundry the young baby will have to live with when she is grown. And we can also only hope that the opponents keep most of the trash-talk behind closed doors.

The mother of Anna Nicole Smith, as you would expect seemed deeply upset, despite not having personal contact with her daughter for over a decade. Evidently there was a lot of animosity between the two and there was some very ugly accusations being tossed around. As I watched her I was given the impression that Smith’s mother had a lot of remorse and guilt. The kind of guilt you feel when an estranged family member dies and you sit back and think coulda-woulda-shoulda. Of course by then it is way to late to mend bridges, even if the bridges were once repairable. I do not know if they were, but there was some testimony that indicated both possibilities. Whatever the truths – the living will have to endure whatever twangs of guilt and loss that are left behind until their life is over. It is a sad lesson of life many people help co-produce.

The most compassionate individual of the trial for me was the ex-boyfriend/photographer/probable biological father of the baby, Birkhead, whom seemed to be the only one in the last years of Smiths life that made an attempt to talk Smith away from her drug habit. During his testimony he continually broke down emotionally when discussing Smith and her death. From the testimony I heard it seemed to me that his and Smiths relationship was a passionate-tempestuous affair that ended badly. And from the events described the ending was probably heavily influenced by his attempts to end her drug abuses.

The other individual involved, Stern, was the person I had the most problems with. It is not that I doubt that he had great feelings for Smith. I think he did. But he struck me as weak and as the Judge put it – an enabler for Smiths drug abuse. I was especially disgusted with his actions in the video shown during the Thursday section of the trial. The video was being shot, by Stern with a camcorder, while Smith was under the influence of drugs. In less than a minute of the total tape that they showed: he directed her actions and made contemptible comments humiliating her pitiable condition at the time of taping.

As I watched this trial unfold I found myself on an emotional roller coaster. One thing that seemed to come from the testimony to me was that Anna Nicole Smith was a controlling individual. The individuals she surrounded herself with, even the ones that were emotionally tied to her, lived off her fame and money. She was also living in a fantasy where she identified herself as the next Marilynn Monroe. She patterned much of her life to parallel Monroe and even her eventual death paralleled Monroe’s dramatic drug-like ending. Also, like Monroe, when her life was challenged, she abused drugs. When her son died her life fell apart and the drug abuse got to the point it evidently claimed her life. I found myself feeling empathy to disgust to anger. I was mad about the drug abuse and the constant enabling of her controlling nature and drug abuse by her entourage, including Birkhead and especially Stern. When I watched the video I was so disgusted at Stern I had trouble believing what I was watching. I was touched by her Mothers and Birkheads visible despair. But I also realize that they are not all completely to blame. They must accept and learn to live with their part in this tragic story. But Ann Nicole Smith had her part in this tragedy. Much of it was most assuredly scripted by her controlling nature. It came out that she expected exclusivity of her entourages’ abilities. The testimony painted her as demanding and when she did not get her way you were out of the circle. Her whole movement to the Bahamas revolved around keeping Birkhead away from their soon to be born child. There was plenty of blame to go around for everybody. And before it is over the fingers will continue to shake and point at each other and Ms. Smith. In the end the biggest loser will be Ms. Smith’s baby, as she will have all this dumped on her as she matures. This poor kid is probably doomed to a lifetime of analysis. I read a book back in High School by Willard Motley titled “Knock on Any Door”. In the book the main character had a poignant motto that went “Live fast, die young, and have a good-looking corpse”. My guess is that Anna Nicole Smith lived that axiom. I am sure I am not the first to say it but – May she find the peace in death she lacked in life!

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