Posted by: thescoundrel | March 2, 2007

Gold-Digging Anna Nicole Smith Death Circus Continues

Even in death, the Anna Nicole Smith gold-diggers are trying to make as many last-second dollars off her fleeting fame as possible. The father of her son has filed a lawsuit attempting to have his son’s buried body moved from the Bahamas. This suspiciously concurs during the same time period where Smith’s mother filed a last ditch effort to prevent the burial of Smith in the Bahamas. And in perhaps the most ghoulish occurrence to date, in a series of questionable events surrounding Smith’s death, Howard Stern – The man whom was identified in the preceding court trial as the individual that directed and taped a bizarre incident where he suggested on tape that it would be profitable and in which Smith was stoned out on “mushrooms” not long before she gave birth to her daughter – has reportedly pre-sold a video that is to be made of the Anna Nicole Smith funeral today. Entertainment Tonight has been reported as one of the possibilities to haven purchased the video. I have heard other rumors that state the value of the video to have been anywhere from one to four million dollars. Stern is claiming he will not see much profit from the video. 🙄 Sure I believe that, Not! I believe that almost as much as I believe that the whole series of lawsuits is really about who has the best interests of Smith’s daughter in mind; with Stern, ZERO concern about the kid’s best interest is what I believe! I believe that it is all about the multi-millions the kid will eventually inherit, assuming the final chosen guardian and all the potential guardians do not waste it away on trials and lawyers’ fees. How can there be any question as to how unfit Stern is to become the guardian and father figure to Smith’s daughter after this newest exposé of Stern’s latest gold-digging episode. From the moment of death, the eventual participants of this funeral ceremony have turned what should have been an occasion for mourning and a celebration of her life into an ever-expanding circus of shame.

Live Fast Die Young and Have a Good Looking Corpse Link



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