Posted by: thescoundrel | March 8, 2007

A Fix for Political Junkies (and a good laugh for others)

Political races are so full of hot air, bluster and phony promises I tend to tune them out after awhile. Well I must have slept through too much of the 2004 POTUS election as there were some interesting characters running I was unaware of. Of course just because they were interesting does not mean I would have voted for them. Still for all you political junkies out there who just cannot get enough political poisons injected into your blood streams I offer up some political links. The following people were all in the running or formerly in the running as candidates.

The 2004 Personal Choice Party VP candidate – why it was the former Ivory Soap Baby and future porn star Marilynn Chambers. (Does anyone even care who their president candidate was?)

2004Personal Choice Party link.

Hey and trying to replace George Bush on the Republican Party: why one of several was Mr. Tom “Billy Jack” Laughlin. He previously ran as a Democrat but switched to the Republican Party for this run.  (He is down towards the bottom of the list.)

One Tin Soldier Link.

And not to not outdone the Democrats had their own interesting cast of candidates. Perhaps the most interesting character of all was Albert “Al” Hamburg, Wyoming, who had lost 14 previous times in his run for the presidency. He does not give up easy. But hey that is not what is the most interesting about this guy. In the eighties he sued a woman for breach of contract over a car he sold her. It seemed the deal included having sex with him fifty times but she quit after episode 33. Looking at his picture – once was clearly too much. (He is towards the bottom of the list also.)

The Al Hamburg should have run on the Fred Garvin Party Link.

And the rest of the POTUS wannabes! The Superstars Link.

For those of you who live and want to relive political advertisements:

The Living Room Candidate Link.

Maybe you are longing for those past political heydays. Maybe you are yearning to see that Kennedy campaign button or that bumper sticker one more time that you traded in on that ’60 Chevy. Or maybe you feel a desire to have some Bob Dole for President (sans Britney Spears) computer wallpaper background. Fear not, the following links will help calm yout jitters.

Political Junkie Fix Link 1.

Political Junkie Fix Link 2.

Vice President who???

The second in command link.

Or maybe you are chomping at the bit for a look at that 2008 political punchout.

Those power hungry 2008 Potus candidates link.

Enjoy them and I hope in some small way I have been able to stave off some of those political shakes for those in need of a political fix.


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