Posted by: thescoundrel | March 10, 2007

A Progressive Sex Education Class?

I have been following a story on the Internet the last few days that has really got me beating my head against the wall 😡 when I read about the cover-up an Indiana Middle School has been engaging in since November.  Fortunately I have a thick enough skull that the wall is the only object damaged so far. The story screams teacher and school administration ineptitude and job protection.  Though all the particulars are not clear with the “cone of silence” the school has erected (maybe a bad choice of words by me) around the scandal; it seems that two sixth graders had sex during class with other students onlooking – while the teacher was kept busy by another student, back in November. None of the news stories I have read indicate that the teacher was deaf, dumb and blind nor have they offered up any other plausible reason this could have went unseen in a classroom. In fact the teacher and school have went no comment. Plus evidently the school did not notify the parents of the other students whom were exposed to the activity. The teacher was not disciplined nor does the school system seem to want to take any responsibility for allowing the exposure  of any students witness to the activity. The only real comments are coming through the schools lawyer. One site printed the following comment attributed to the school’s lawyer attempt to justify not contacting parents:

😯 “All right, so they may have witnessed this. While this is an activity you certainly don’t see in a school and it’s something that would be certainly unusual, I don’t feel – I don’t know where it posed any immediate danger to those children who saw it,” 😯

I am sure the good citizens of Indiana appreciate the way that this school system is watching over their children after that statement. Another person on one of the blogs stated (of course anything like that said on a blog – I always say take it with a grain of salt) that they were driving their daughter to school because she reported to them their was oral sex taking place on the school bus. Yikes! What is happening with our school systems? Where are all the adults that are supposed to be chaperoning them?And why does the school think that they should be able to go on business as usual without contacting parents whose children were exposed to the action? These school administrators could make a politician look honest and compassionate, and we all know better than that! Excuse me while I now go pound my head into the wall some more.

Link to the story



  1. children having sex in public?! are these for real? i can barely believe it… if i were the parents, i’d drive her to another school entirely!

  2. Sadly it is very real. And it amazes me at just how casual some of the people took the incident. Reading some of the “so-what” comments on the media sources posting area left me more than amazed. If I had a kid in that school system I would sell the house then pack-up and move to another district.

  3. WOoOt

  4. OMG!!

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