Posted by: thescoundrel | March 23, 2007

The Democrat Sponsored Alberto Gonzales Side-Show

New time – New faces – Same place – Same tired old Gridlocked Government two-party tactics putting political ambitions and dreams of absolute power ahead of the Country. Spinmasters spew sheep speechifying sustenance supplying saliva silage supporting Salinger-Syndrome scenarios for the Political Pied-Piper Pavlovian Precipice-jumpers (can you say lemmings). The Executive and Congressional Nero’s play their distractive fiddles and the country’s infrastructure burn and degrade from neglect. And the silage drunken lemmings play follow the leader behind their power and money hungry maestros kissing their Rolex Watches -screaming Hallelujahs to their Political Gods Platforms- previous to the lust consumed Politicos pushing the lemmings over the edge, in a sacrificial ceremony exhibiting their Political Power controlling the existence of their Neitzchian sheep followers.



  1. The Attorney General is approving torture and firing federal prosecutors because they are prosecuting Republicans or not prosecuting Democrats and YOU think people protesting that are engaging in gridlock!?!

  2. I believe it is all about political power plays. This has nothing to do about truth or justice. It is all about the American way of doing politics: “Screw unto others before they screw you!” It is a fishing-trip and a witch-hunt. When it comes to these types of theatre – the names, faces and party allegiance is interchangeable. They fight and rattle each other’s cages in attempts to one-up each other in the political arena. No real political efforts just gridlock and cock-fights.

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