Posted by: thescoundrel | March 29, 2007

Illinois House of Reps. Votes to Enable Criminal Activities

Mainstream USA has pretty much adopted a “run them all out of the country at any cost” philosophy in dealing with illegal immigration. But I am not Mainstream when it comes to immigration. I am in favor of immigration. I think it is healthy and a way to introduce new blood into a country, as long as it is done in a legal and orderly fashion. But that does not mean you surrender the country and states to mass migrations at will. Nor do you reward criminal behavior by granting those breaking the law, special privileges. In a 3/29/07 article on QCOnline they talked how the Illinois House of Reps. has just passed a law allowing illegal immigrants to legally get drivers certificates and car insurance. Huh, this is a very bad idea! In basic terms the Illinois has run up the white flag of surrender in dealing with illegal immigration and became enablers of criminal activity. Which part of “illegal immigrant” are they failing to understand? A drivers license is not a right – it is a privilege, I am told so every time I reapply. An illegal alien driving is breaking three laws. They are driving without a license, driving without insurance and are here in this country illegally. That makes them a criminal three times over. You do not reward people for breaking laws; you punish them. Plus a drivers license not only rewards their past and current illegal activity it allows them an easier way to hide and run from immigration services. This can only spur an increase in illegal immigration activity plus it will create more negativity and hardship for those trying to immigrate legally. This is the wrong message to send to the already hostile over bad immigration policy citizenry and those people in this country illegally. No good can come from it. The people who sponsored and voted for this bill should have their names saved and posted on the Internet and come election time they should be voted out of office. It should not be allowed to be swept under the carpet or be forgotten. It should be stamped on their political record for all to see and to act as a reminder come election time of how our state representatives have failed us.


  1. How they voted on House bill # 1100 that makes it legal for illegal immigrants to get driving certificates and insurance:

    Link to Vote Journal

  2. I don’t agree with your assessment of “Mainstreet USA”. I don’t believe the majority in this country want to run immigrants out of the country at any cost.

    What most people want is for the government to do it’s job and secure the borders so we are not overtaken by illegals—-especially those who wish to do us harm. Most people want the laws enforced, with no excuses. This is not happening.

    Until the borders are secure, there is no way we can deal with the millions who are here illegally.

    I don’t know if you saw this in the Dispatch, but the company building the border fence in San Diego was found to be using—–illegal workers!

    As for the drivers certificate thing, I suppose a “drivers certificate” for an illegal worker is akin to “civil unions” for gays who demand marriage—-close, but no cigar. But still, I agree with you—our elected officials should be held accountable for this bad law—-who do they think they are—-Californians?

  3. Oh, yeah, I forget to ask you to check out my new anti-partisan blog

  4. I did not see the article you mentioned by it does not surprise me. The laws need to get tough on illegal immigration and not softer. This is a bad bill. It will only serve to make it easier to evade and elude deportation. This is all about making some extra cash to pay for Blagobitch’s campaign promises plus it will make some extra cash for insurance companies. Some of that probably winds up as kickback to the sellout politicians.

    Good luck on the new blog QC. It is well written.

  5. Just wait until you guys see the lines of people at your local DMV when illegals come from all over the U.S. to get a legal identification and permission to drive. You will have to take an entire day off of work to get anything done at the office.

  6. It still has to pass the Illinois Senate, but Gov. Blogodabitch is salivating to sign the bill. He needs the extra money to start paying off his campaign promises.

  7. I think it’s a good measure.

    Many illegal immigrants are driving anyway already. The measure would just have them learn the rules of the road and get insurance, while at the same time having a database with their information (name, fingerprints etc.), so they can be tracked easier, and make money off them of course, because the certificate will cost $60 instead of the $10 for the regular driver’s license.

    The change would be in the safety of the roads. Since it is not a driver’s licence but a certificate it does not give them the privileges of an ID, it doesn’t help them in any other way.

  8. I understand why people think it is good. I just disagree that there is anything good about it. In fact it is like saying that you know a thief is eventually going to break into your house so you should leave your doors unlocked so that they do not have to break a window or door to get in the house and lay out your valuables for easy access to avoid any chance of them getting hurt while they are robbing you blind. It is just a bad idea based on an “ I surrender” attitude by people looking to make extra income to pay off campaign promises. Not only should they not be allowed permits, the police should be required to hold anyone arrested without proper identification until their proper residency is proven. It is no secret that you have to have a drivers license and proof of insurance to drive in this state and if someone does not have that proof available when driving then they are breaking a law and if they can not produce that type of information then they are suspect of being an illegal alien.

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