Posted by: thescoundrel | April 2, 2007

Chicago Tribune Co. Sold, Cubs Baseball Team to be Sold Off

It has been announced today that the Chicago Tribune has been sold to Sam Zell. The sale will include the Chicago Tribune, Los Angeles Tribune, WGN TV and other media companies owned by the Chicago Tribune. And in a move similar to the Turner Broadcasting sell off; as part of the transaction the Chicago Tribune Corporation will sell off the cashcow Chicago Cubs baseball team (something that has been rumored for a longtime now among Cubs’ fandom) and its stock interest in Comcast Sports Network which shares broadcasting rights of the Chicago Cubs and Chicago White Sox baseball games with the afore mentioned WGN television station. Many of us Cub fans have been speculating on boards and forums over the off-season about this situation and the future of the Chicago Cubs franchise. One of the reasons offered as a possibility for the Cubs sudden splurge in spending on free agents was the possibility that the Tribune was trying to design the Cubs into a more attractive package for selling. Now that the main company has been sold we now have to hold our breath and see just whether the team gets an owner like the NY Yankees who shells out the money needed to keep the team in the chase for a pennant or a team owner, like the Pittsburgh Pirates, who is tight with the cash and sells off talented players faster than they develop them. I am hoping that part of the reason the team spent so much cash in the off-season was to attract only interested buyers that are willing to spend the money it takes to compete in professional baseball. That is something of which that the Tribune talked the talk but rarely walked the walk. This will make it both an interesting and a worrisome season for Cub fans and the members of the Chicago team. You never know just what an owner will do once he purchases a team. Will he build on the team? Will he have a firesale and unload many of the players by deciding to remake the team in a different mode?  How many players will he keep from the present team and who will be gone after the season is over? In the Cubs case it could also mean to what channel the fans will turn the TV in order to watch the game. The club will truly be in a state of limbo until the new owner and his visions for the team are known. I hope the situation does not ruin the offseason player actions and transactions that has offered the real possibility of it being a great season for Cub fans.

For many Cubs’ fans and most of the Cubs’ players, the tired old adage “The Future is Now” could turn out to be realism.

😥 Wahhhh, Cubs lose opener!! 😥




  1. Baseball commissioner Bud Selig spoke out today on the eventual sale of the Cubs. It was pretty much a rah-rah statement while also reminding the Tribune and any potential buyer that baseball ownership is a closed society. There have been several names come up over the last few months of individuals interested in purchasing the Cubs from the Tribune. But today the Tribune and any interested purchasers of the team were reminded that any potential buyer must first be approved by the league and other owners. Then the final deal must also be approved by the league and other team owners. Still with the value of the Cubs being close to one/half billion dollars I wonder just how many buyers that baseball can snub before they say “we like this guy, let the dealing begin.”

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