Posted by: thescoundrel | April 24, 2007

Real Help From Real Humans, Oh my!

I have been off the air for several days. It seems my computer decided to commit it’s annual attempt at ritual suicide. Fortunately it only damaged a replaceable organ and after a transplant of a computer organ vital to surfing the net (my modem) I am back online. Still this post is not about my computer’s constant suicidal tendencies. (Though I am considering getting it into psychoanalysis for this set of yearly circumstances.)

What I am really posting is a big “BRAVO” for the technicians at QCOnline. It seems after I did my mechanical surgery and replaced the damaged computer organ, that my computer still lacked the will to live normally. And despite several days of jousting with Windows’ “Idiot Light” troubleshooting programming, I was still unable to sign back on the Internet. So instead of following my first inclination and conceding to my suicidal machine’s death-wish by taking it to and then tossing it off the eighth floor of the RI Hotel, I instead called the QCOnline support service. They were evidently busy when I called as it took some time to get through, but my determination to save my troubled machine paid off. After a considerable amount of time spent with a courteous and helpful technician we soothed and healed an offensive corruption of the computers disturbed psyche. In this day of touchpad contact-avoidance service and help it was nice to talk to an actual person that went the extra effort to help. The experience made me glad I had switched to QCOnline as my carrier when I left AOL. So for the effort expended I am offering my publicly posted gratitude: Thank You Quad-Cities Online and Quad-Cities Online Technicians for your quality service in handling this and other past problems.



  1. Glad you’re back.

  2. Thanks, Me to. Now if only I could get the techs to help get the Cubs back on track. Sigh!

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