Posted by: thescoundrel | May 5, 2007

HollyWeird and “The Simpleton Life”?

I have not been feeling well as of late and so my blogging has been lax. Still, this latest bit of Hollyweird celebrity news has left me chuckling about the possibility of a current sorrowful excuse of a glamour-doll-icon getting her comeuppance. And despite still feeling like I have been run over by a bus I cannot resist commenting on this sad-sack story 

First and foremost I fail to understand how people see Paris Hilton as a sex goddess. The only thing that I can she has going for her is that she is extremely wealthy. Sorry but that does not trip my trigger. There is nothing that I can see about her that oozes sex appeal other than her money-purchased glamour image. Plus her personality comes across as “Hugely Spoiled Brat”.  I have even watched a couple of episodes of her TV show and my thoughts were that it should be renamed from “The Simple Life” to “The Simpleton’s Life”. So that brings me to her latest escapades.  It appears that a judge has sentenced the Poor Little Rich Girl to forty-five days in jail. It seems that Hilton plead no contest back in January to charges of reckless driving while intoxicated. For her plea she was sentenced to three years probation, $1500 dollars in fines (fining a Hilton $1500 is about like fining most of us – two cents) and was required to attend alcohol abuse education. Sounds like  “a simple” life opportunity. She followed the sentence by apparently forgetting that her license was revoked and continued driving plus she neglected to enroll in the alcohol abuse program. Just weeks after the guilty plea she was picked up for driving with a suspended license. Uh Oh! Despite being reminded and despite her signing a document that she was not to be driving with her license suspended, she was picked up a second time in February. Double Uh Oh!! (Ahhh, it always seems that Hollweirdos, Politicians and the Rich Folk seem to think they have separate laws from the rest of us.  Sadly thanks to conniving lawyers they often do.)  So after appearing in court to defend herself against these new charges; Hilton claimed she was unaware she was not allowed to be driving after the guyilty plea and that she did not remember previously signing the document prior to the second new offense acknowledging she was not supposed to be driving.  Oh Yeah, sure uh huh, this lack of memory was despite a copy of the signed document being found in her car. LAMO, selective memory strikes again.  The judge in sentencing Hilton says there will not be any special jail, no furloughs, no work release, no electronic monitoring instead of actual jail time and that Hilton must report to jail on June 5. Somehow I cannot see fragile money-suckled Paeis Hilton spending time in jail with Big Bertha and the female gang-bangers. I can only imagine the legal wheels that must be spinning to rescue poor Paris from the big bad decree of punishment. One can only hope that spoiled little Paris Hilton will have to learn her lessons the hard way as the jail regulars teach her about the reality of ignoring breaks previously handed out by the law. Hey maybe she can use the time to film new episodes of her TV series, “The Simple Life” called episode Paris learns how the lesser fortunate live. Who know maybe she will make a love connection while inside so she can make her next explicit video for the Internet blogs. Sadly some fancy lawyer will probably get her out of living up to her failure to take advantage of the original legal break she was given. The real question will be is justice truly blind or will the Hilton money and power connections save her scrawny obnoxious butt from the legal system.



  1. i chuckled at ‘the simpleton’s life’. 🙂

    somehow i have a feeling if she did went to jail, it wouldn’t hurt her popularity an ounce. she’ll be a meaner, badder version of naomi campbell!

  2. The Paris Hilton public persona really translates – out of touch with normalcy. The woman is clueless. She has evidently been cooped up too long inside her mansions away from the real world. And I just read where her lawyers are trying to appeal, no surprise there. I also looked at a CNN poll about the sentence she received and at the time i looked there were less than ten percent that thought the judge had been to harsh on her. Most felt the ruling was fair and second place in the poll was that the ruling was not harsh enough. Hey maybe she can come out of the clinker with a fancy prison tattoo for display during her future drunken escapades.

  3. […] I feel it is Paris Hilton. She just does not want to understand why she is not above the law. Her current actions seem to flaunt the law and place herself above the law of the land. Nor am I impressed by her […]

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