Posted by: thescoundrel | May 9, 2007

Baa Baa Blacksheep Have You Any Wool

It seems our Governor is out to fleece his sheep and all the rest of us at the same time. He is still trying to find ways to payoff all his campaign promises. It is not enough that he is trying to make it legal to sell driving permits to illegal aliens to raise Campaign Promise Pocket money. Nope he also wants to increase our taxes by pretending that by using a Gross Receipts Tax he is not really raising the taxes on the people. It is a tax that he needs to help payoff his campaign promises. Of course the individuals that will have to pay for his reelection campaign promises will be us, the residents of the State of Illinois. The latest Blagodabitch statement promoting the tax is so brazenly propaganda that it should awaken the mindless sheep that keep punching a ballot to elect him: “I will not raise taxes on people. I won’t do it today. I won’t do it tomorrow. I won’t do it next week, next month, next year, I believe it’s wrong and this is not an issue I’m prepared to horse trade” (thank you Sam I am we now know you won’t eat green eggs and ham) leaves me wondering if the man is delusional or just another snake-oil salesman giving his phony pitch. First problem is every time you raise taxes on a business you take the chance the company will take flight for a friendlier environment. But take that part out of the equation and just consider the previous Blago statement saying he will not raise taxes on the people. Assume the company figures it is still to their advantage to stay and operate in the State of Illinois. The tax will raise their cost of doing business. That increase in tax cost has to be made-up somewhere. So the company will increase the price of it’s goods and pass that cost on to the businesses or customers that purchase their product. It is just another way of saying VAT tax where the tax cost pyramids along the line towards the final cost to the consumer. So the consumer may not see the extra tax but he is paying it exponentially as the cost is raised for each institution between the manufacturer and the consumer. The politician’s wet dream, a tax on tax on taxes only limited by the amount of middlemen in between its beginning and its final destination. And who pays the total added tax at the end, us, the consumer. And what Blagodabitch is actually saying to the citizens of this state is that “you are a flock of mindless sheep that I can fleece for personal and political gain.”



  1. This sort of thing happens time and time again. A candidate says one thing on the campaign trail, then does a 180 once he/she is elected.

    I’m pretty sure all the liberal Democrats who joyfully voted for Clinton in the 90s were shocked when he signed on to NAFTA and welfare reform.

    I’m pretty sure all the conservative Republicans who joyfully voted for Bush (the first time anyway) were shocked to discover that the price of “compassionate” conservatism was expanded federal government. If the Democrats hadn’t nominated the feckless and idiotic Kerry, I doubt Bush would have survived the second round.

    And let’s not exclude our wonderful press. There’s been a lot of discussion about how they blew pre-Iraq war coverage, but I don’t blame them for that—-what were they supposed to do, go to Iraq and demand that Saddam allow them to check it out? But I do blame them for dumbing down information on the endless campaign for POTUS and allowing candidates to lie about just about everything. It’s all about the horserace and who has the most money. Coverage amounts to a trivia contest about Romney’s wife contributing $150.00 to Planned Parenthood and Obama misstating the figure of those killed in a Kansas tornado.

    What are we sheep supposed to do? The politicians and press conspire to keep us stuck on stupid, and politicians pass laws like McCain-Feingold (a/k/a The Incumbent Protection Act) that work to keep them in power in perpetuity once they are elected.

    It’s no wonder so many “sheep” just drop out of the process—-it seems hopeless with no way to change the system.

  2. Well it looks like back to the drawing board for Blagodabitch. This idea went down in flames. This means he will probably be pushing those licenses for illegal immigrants extra hard. He needs that cash to start taking care of his pork project votes. I expect that he will also try and renew this idea hidden in a different costume. He mad a lot of campaign promises to get reelected plus he has to keep Chicago pampered with cash from the rest of the state coffers. He needs money and the taxpayers are the source he expects to extract it from.

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