Posted by: thescoundrel | May 11, 2007

Paris Hilton – Bad Girl in Need of Direction

If ever there was a celebrity that deserved their punishment I feel it is Paris Hilton. She just does not want to understand why she is not above the law. Her current actions seem to flaunt the law and place herself above the law of the land. Nor am I impressed by her driving etiquette in general. As I was watching a previous film clip of Hilton taking off in a vehicle she was driving – she was busy talking on her cell phone, laughing and jerking around in her seat while pulling out on to a street. She seemed too busy to be distracted by the normal processes involved in driving a motor vehicle. Combine this with her current charges it does not comfort me knowing she is on the road. In my opinion she needs to serve the maximum sentence that the judge handed down. Perhaps (even though I doubt it) it would help her pull her head out of her posterior. However her serving full sentence is unlikely to happen according to a recent article. The overcrowded L.A. jail situation almost assures her a reduced sentence even if she loses the appeal her lawyers have presented. Considering that the courts are just punishing her for her lack of compliance with her earlier plea instead of the total circumstances of her offense, she is getting off easy. Yet she and her mother seem shocked that she will have to spend time in jail. I suppose this should not shock me as from my readings her mother has pushed her into the limelight from a very young age. According to an article I read, Paris’ mom (as her grandmother had evidently pushed Paris’ mom before) has been pushing her into the wild side of life from an early age. Evidently she was even in favor and proud of the sex tape Paris made that was posted on the Internet. Supposedly Paris’ grandmother had enrolled Paris’ mom into sex lessons at the age of sixteen. If so that is somewhat bizarre behavior in my beliefs. This young woman Obviously needs life lessons and directions she is not getting from her parents before she gets in to some serious trouble that her money cannot get her out of.



  1. I can live with people like Paris Hilton flaunting the law and thinking they are above us peons, but what really frosts my pumpkin is when elected officials like Jon Corzine and Bill Richardson feel they are too important and “busy” to obey the laws their governments created.

    But you know, if it’s true that Hilton is basically a good person who just needs a little direction, what better cure than to leave the glitz and phoniness of Hollywood and take up with a nice Midwestern man of undetermined age, whose obsession with the Chicago Cubs would provide a healthy alternative to the drugs, booze and perversion of LA?

    Just askin’. 😉

  2. I finally quit procrastinating and changed the time feature to read US Central time for all future site postings. I was going to wait until the new year but I went ahead and did it tonight as sleep seems not to be part of my schedule again. Oh well!

  3. Hah, there is nothing healthy about my obsession with Cubs Baseball!

    Actually Poor little rich girl Paris has already been allowed to begin driving again. Even though she she got caught breaking the law twice after her suspension and had not enrolled in the substance abuse program, the courts ruled she could begin driving at the end of March. Nothing like the weak arm of the law when it comes to rich folk.

    Paris needed a Daddy a long time ago. One that would spank her posterior and ground her to a spartan room (no phone, no pool, no car, no radio, no TV, not a single luxury) for about six months at a time. But what she had was parents who taught her that running wild and flaunting the law was a good thing. When I read about Paris’ maternal grandmother hiring an adult to instruct her sixteen year old daughter in sex lessons inside his van, it gave me the creeps. There is a word for that and it involves prison time for dear old mom and the teacher.

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