Posted by: thescoundrel | May 18, 2007

Dr. Frankenstein – Everything Old is New Again

Perhaps one of mankind’s more ghoulish subjects was contained in a fictional book in the Mary Shelly classic “Frankenstein”. The book actually displayed a lot of conversational issues. Some of the subjects dealt with the theater of human depravity. One of those was the old practice of selling and purchasing human body parts. There was such an early practice, and it is said that the grave robbers and cadaver collectors were sometimes known to shop for the much desired fresher corpses by creating an imminent demise for unlucky living victims. And there were doctors, scientists and other individuals, like the Dr. Frankenstein character in the Shelly book, that were willing to overlook the cadaver collectors and their methods of body procurement to further their own personal objectives. And though we like to assume that human culture is a lot more civilized than we were in the less advanced and earlier stages of civilization, every once in a while some of life’s sequences of events tend to point out that we are not as enlightened as we like to think we are.

It was just back in 2002 when some particularly gruesome details about a Georgia funeral home became shocking news. Hundreds of bodies that loved ones had paid funeral services for and the remains were supposed to have been cremated had just been dumped by the funeral home in a remote location. The operator plead guilty and is now serving his sentence. Depraved, yes, but not as depraved as the next stories.

In a more recent look into the dark side of human depravity several funeral home operators in New York have been charged with raiding bodies, that were brought to them for cremation, in order to procure skin, bone and other reusable cadaver parts to sell to a biomedical company. This has supposedly taken place over several years and has made millions of dollars for the funeral homes involved. This case has just reached the indictment stage and so far all have plead not guilty.

And a third case, I first read on a blog, is perhaps the most reprehensible of all – if true. As with any blog (China View is said to be connected to some of the political prisoners in question) you never know just how much is true and how much is creative juxtaposition and supposition. But the blog, and other sources I have read, claim that China has been executing political prisoner for harvesting body parts and needed organs for transplants and possibly for selling to other markets, including in the US and Canada. Considering the accused and that I have read the accusation from other different sources it tends to give enough credibility that it should merit in depth research by World Watch Dog Organizations. Yet though I have read sources outside the US approach the subject – in the US, so far I have not seen any air time offered up on the subject by US media sources, and I watch and read a lot of different media resources.

It seems the further we advance both socially and scientifically our old ghoulish tendencies still live and still continue to display their ugly face and the tar pits of human depravity we seem unable to pull ourselves away from. And it seems that the Dr. Frankenstein successors still roam the Earth looking to purchase what they cannot get through normal resources. And, perhaps, if there is enough profit or motive we all still look the other way.



  1. As George Orwell said: “Society has always seemed to demand a little more from human beings than it will get in practice.”

    Although I might like to believe that crimes like this are not humanly possibly, it is.
    There will always be people who need things and can pay for it and there will always be people who need the money.

  2. That is a sad part of real life. There are always those who look to take advantage of others – living or dead.

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