Posted by: thescoundrel | May 21, 2007

Illegal Immigrants Endangering our Families Health

I, like many others, have been patiently watching our bipartisan do-nothing USA government scalawags and scoundrels pay lip service to the current illegal immigration problems. But the Congress, Senate and the Executive Branch keep playing kick the can while avoiding fixing the issue. And when it seems they have a solution – the solution begins fall apart at the seams. Perhaps it is time that the legal citizens of this country started to force the issue. My first two thoughts are self-explanatory. One step could be to take to the streets in mass protest displaying the anger of the legal citizens. Plus also everyone could flood the mail and e-mail of the various politicians whom are all dragging their feet hoping the public will just forget the problem. And a third idea: considering our government’s current passion of passing laws to force us to design our health habits contoured to their will, perhaps it is time to take it to the court systems.

The government has seen fit to start passing laws like seat-belts, motorcycle helmets, anti-smoking, restricting trans fat laws etc. that are designed to increase public health and make public and private locations a safe environment. Next factor in a point brought out by a Lou Dobbs report that pointed out that illegal immigrants are not screened for communicable diseases, as are legal immigrants. Now my readings suggest his final totals are probably off, but the premise is correct. A high number of the Illegals are bringing dangerous diseases into this country. Illegal immigrants are bringing into the country a resurgence of diseases we had previously had under control. Diseases like TB, leprosy and other high-risk and highly communicable diseases are coming into this country in large numbers because the illegal immigrants have not been properly treated for these high-risk agents. These high-risk people would normally have been turned away through the legal immigration system until they could be proven cured. Yet while our government is passing laws restricting our personal habits to secure our health they are in turn passing a law that will allow our families increased exposure to these high-risk agents by legalizing the carriers that have crossed into the country illegally. And the companies that hire these high-risk carriers are also putting other legal workers and their families at risk to exposure. Plus they are also putting our very food supplies at risk of contamination. The same could be said about the current NAFTA agreements that will allow truckers from high-risk countries carrying food across the border into each individual state instead of them being stopped at the border to unload the cargo. If we can sue companies for exposing us to second hand smoke and trans fats then we should also be allowed to sue them for hiring workers that are exposing our families to this increase in deadly diseases. And since the scalawags and scoundrels in our government has already decided that it is legal for them to control our habits and make laws that concern health control issues then we should be able to take them to court for passing a law that will expose us to deadly strains of diseases that we have spent decades in this country to lessen exposure and eradicate. If they are going to play with out health and well being in other areas then they have no right to expose us and sell us out to secure a few votes in the next election. They should be forced in a court of law to do the right thing and eject people not here legally to protect our health.



  1. I do believe that illegal immigration needs to be brought under control. I guess what saddens me is that the only way to do it, or at least so it seems, is to create some sort of fear factor that has the potential of using our energy to lash out against any sort of immigrant rather then finding real and human solutions to the problem.
    On another note, leprosy is only considered high risk in countries that can’t afford the cents it costs to cure it. The world could afford not to have to deal with it anywhere.

  2. I think that a far greater threat to our nation’s health is the lack of healthcare access for the nation’s 45 million uninsured and the lack of AFFORDABLE healthcare to many millions more.

  3. Your take (and/or Dobbs)is an interesting one, and one I had not considered; but now that you mention it, Congress has been abdicating its role as legislative body for decades in favor of the courts and judges who have lifetime jobs and do not have to worry about reelection.

    The immigration-control-through-the-courts plan is just crazy enough it might work!

    PS: Lots of good links on this post too—thanks!

    PSS: I also liked your idea of the “silent majority” “coming out of the shadows” and marching in the streets. Our wonderful (s)elected representatives are so dense, I honestly believe this is the only way to reach them.

  4. Actually Spasmicallyperfect, I do not wish to see any lashing out against immigrants legal or illegal. I support the idea of adding immigrants to our country. I personally feel it helps to keep our country armed with fresh blood and full of people hungry for success. I feel that when immigrants enter looking to find success and a better life we are improving our country. Immigrants are hard workers that often have to take menial jobs and earn every penny they labor for as they strive to succeed and climb the ladder. But I also feel that it must be done in an orderly and legal fashion. The financial, housing and medical support infrastructures we have are strained at best and are not capable of withstanding an onslaught of illegal alien additions. And those wishing entry should be ready to follow and obey the system we have in place. That includes entering into this country through proper channels and having the proper medical examinations, which are required of any legal immigrant. There are reasons we have created a system of legal entry into this country and those rules should be followed.
    Thank you for your visit to my blog and your comment, Betsy. I do agree that our current health system is in dire need of a major renovation. But adding several million more illegal aliens where about half or more are carriers of dangerous infectious diseases will not help a system already struggling to meets the needs of its legal citizens. It will only serve to hasten the demise of that system before it can be fixed.
    Thanks QCE. I had not given a lot of thought to the hazards we are exposing our families to until I read the Dobbs’ article. Now his numbers may be off but the idea is spot on. We have spent decades attempting to eradicate these diseases and they are rolling right back into the country because of our lack of enforcement of immigration policy and our enabling of the people who are not just breaking our laws but are also defeating decades of medical work. And the vary people who are enabling the problem are the legislators whom should be protecting us.

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  6. After reading all kinds of e-mails concerning illegal in our country, that they are stealing from our families the Government, welfare, and on and on….but I haven’t read one email, how much one of us has personally lost over illegals been here. Those people have been coming back and forth before 1836 and will continue, unless you put machine guns by the entire border. Sure, we need better laws to govern illegals But don’t come out with this crab is coasting you money.
    The Iraq war alone is cleaning our country you fool; there is no conceivable comparison what the war is costing every individual American,. Really, then tells us on your e-mail when you got paid, how much cash was taken out from your paychecks? Really! How much you lost in welfare? Have you or any of your relatives been denied welfare or other Gov, services because of illegals? I want to see documentary proof, that you and your buddies are losing real money on your paycheck. Please don’t quote from news papers, or local celebrities those guys are making over 10, 000,000 million a year and love to roll on the dirt and make some of their own for to benefit their own ratings. Remember Don Imus, he is gone and all his illegals went with him.

    Reminds me of George Wallace, he said that no one would pay attention to him, when he talked about local issues. When he started to talk about the *******(post edited by thescoundrel), people started stumping on the floor like the S.S…So, here we are again election time and people care less about health care and the war and other important issue facing our country. Talking about illegals invading our home land you think the Russians were invading us, and then we start hearing war drums getting louder and louder….Have you not heard, people are not joining the military anymore, people could hurt and get killed.

    We see illegals in every major city in our country, How many times have you notice any of them walking by or when they are working on the yard of your neighbor……Have you knocked on his door and give him a piece of your mind, or called INS, I Don’t think so….believe me this issue has a way of coming to a head all by itself, don’t let the immature the ignorant prevail over you, remember its election time, its when the rats come out!!

  7. Well Frank I suppose that we could put up permanent machine guns along the border, it seems a bit costly and probably bloody but it would probably be a good addition to have with the new fence being built and if you want to personally donate the cash I suggest you find your candidate of choice and tell him of your plan.

    And yes, illegal aliens are costing us money. In our state of Illinois alone, the governor has cut funds from services headed for public services for legal citizens and plans on reallocating them towards his personal pet project services including a universal healthcare plan that will also be designed to assist illegal aliens living in my state. He is also pushing a plan towards offering driving permits to illegal aliens in our state. This state is in a tight budget and allocating my tax money towards funding illegal aliens is not acceptable. Nor do I find it acceptable for illegal aliens to be bypassing normal immigration/safety/health policies. I have no problem with individuals coming from any location in the world and entering this country as long as they are following the rules that allow entry. Bypassing normal immigration policy is not following the rules. Using my tax money to pay for their illegal occupation of our state while other legal citizens are losing out because the money destined to pay for their needs have been reallocated to serve illegal aliens needs is wrong and must stop. I also want the flow of illegal aliens crossing the borders to stop because it is too easy for would be terrorists to mix in with the normal flow of illegal aliens. The only way to reduce the possibility of those events is to make it difficult for illegal aliens to enter and stay in this country.

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