Posted by: thescoundrel | May 22, 2007

No Way to Treat a Lady, Someones Mother or Sister or Friend

I had not planned on posting anything this soon but as I was traveling the Internet I came across a story on the Kamangir blog that I thought deserved referencing. It seems that women in Iran are experiencing a crackdown from the tyrannical Iranian government claiming the women are immodestly dressed. Their big crime is that they are removing their veils when the local police start harassing them over their attire. Their reward for this has been a series of brutal beatings. I am including links to Kamangir’s stories, which include photos of the women in question. The short posts and pictures on the link site express the whole brutal story better than I ever could.

Kamangir Police Brutality link 1

Kamangir Police Brutality link 2

Kamangir home page



  1. While continuing to travel around the Internet I found another blog talking about the same subject. I have not had time to research the blog but it has a post on the subject and others along similar lines. So I am also posting the link to the blog called Free Thoughts.

    Free Thoughts – Woman Beaten Post

    Free Thoughts Home page

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