Posted by: thescoundrel | May 23, 2007

School Systems to Parents – WE Decide Whose Ideas Live or Die!

Another questionable situation at a public school forces parents to ask themselves what is going on at my children’s school? It seems the last several year that schools and teachers with sexual and social personal agendas seem to be force feeding their curriculum to the children of our nation, without parental notification or consultation concerning content. In the most recent of those a Boulder Colorado school held a conference in which one of the guest speakers, Joel Becker, was quoted in the Denver Post (article by John Ingold) as saying: “”I’m going to encourage you to have sex, and I’m going to encourage you to use drugs appropriately.” This and other questionable statements promoting sexual experimentation and emphatically encouraging children as young as twelve to masturbate were made by Becker to a group of young high school teens, whom were required by the school to attend the conference. A concerned parent read some excerpts of the speakers’ dialogue at the school board and was told by the board that it was too graphic to be read at the boards meeting. Oh, excuse me it is all right for a twelve or fourteen year old to hear the dialogue, but inappropriate for discussion afterwards with the adults responsible for enabling the messages transmission to a group of kids!!! Much like the incident a few weeks ago where it was learned that two young kids had engaged in sexual intercourse in an Indiana classroom during class, the school system is trying to sweep the incident out of the public view. They are standing by the conference and the speakers but stating they will look into the incident. In basic administrative language that means – leave us alone – it is our rationale that is important and we decide whose ideas live and die!!! The school systems have adopted the policy of We will teach your children what We deem is morally and socially correct, your thoughts are not important. What is your school teaching your children? Do you know or do you just assume they are instructing in an appropriate manner?

Over on “Through the Magnifying Glass” there is a link to a partial of the session’s text for those looking for more information about the session.


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