Posted by: thescoundrel | May 25, 2007

More Contaminated Imports?

It has just been weeks since contaminated dog food imported from China sent a scare across many countries. The BBC (on 05/07) reported Panama and the Dominican Republic were reporting that diethylene glycol has been found in imported toothpaste from China. This has thrown up a red flag necessitating closer US inspection of Chinese Imports again, as China is one of the biggest exporters of toothpaste to the USA. The BBC article also reported that a similar problem last year caused several people in Panama to die from cough medicine imported from China contaminated with the same substance. According to the article the former head of China’s FDA is facing charges of accepting bribes and allowing the approval of medicine that had not been properly tested. What Next? Maybe I better check my chocolate!



  1. And in a related story a company has issued a recall notice for monk fish imported from China after people fall ill from a toxin associated with the deadly puffer fish. Links to the story below:
    Chicago Tribune Story
    Free Republic Post

  2. Normally I’m a big fan of globalization, but some times—-not so much!

  3. China e-lobby has more on this event on their blog. I am including links to their posts.
    home site
    puffer fish
    conviction of Chinese official

  4. […] 3rd, 2007 by thescoundrel In a post a few days ago I was talking about a problem of toothpaste tainted with anti-freeze from China making its way to the markets around the world. I noticed on Saturday that the Dispatch […]

  5. […] gluten that made it into the domesticated fish and livestock feed sold here in the US. There was poisoned toothpaste and cough syrup that was released into several world-wide markets. There was even a shipment of it stopped from entering the US. Most recently there was an […]

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