Posted by: thescoundrel | June 5, 2007

More Safety Questions Surrounding Imported Food Products

More new questions continue to arise about the quality control of food products imported from China. There has been the dog food problems, followed by the contaminated toothpaste problem (the FDA is now recommending to everyone with toothpaste that has been made in China – that they throw away the product), then as I mentioned in another previous update – there was monk fish contaminated with toxins similar to Puffer fish, there is also concern over imported fish food for US fish hatcheries from China that is contaminated with the same poisonous melamine substance found in the imported dog food and now there is information coming from “The Center for Food Safety” that much of the fish being imported from China is being harvested from dangerously contaminated waters. China lacks the proper sewer facilities to handle their waste products. Many of their rivers and fresh water sources are extremely polluted. Often the fish live in waters heavily contaminated with sewage. The Chinese government also dumps large amounts of antibiotics and other chemicals in the water. Many of the chemicals and veterinarian compounds are banned in the USA. Some states have already imposed restrictions on fish imported from China. One article lists, as much as 60% of US rejected fish products were imports from China. Yet it is not uncommon for less than one percent of the imported products to be actually checked. Those passed through customs wind up at restaurants and grocery stores on their way to being purchased by US consumers. Sources and information links below:;_ylt=AoXWFxjbGRYfshUaRXsILwDMWM0F


  1. Someone should take a look ast the heavy metals such as chromium and barium coming in Chinese cleaning additives. These products go to cleaning the equipment used for food preparation and in some cases actual washing of animals after slaughter.

    Cheap seems to rule and safety and quality do not matter any longer. It’s pretty bad when some of those who claim they embrace responsible care are the same who are moving the heavy metal contaimated products.

    Shame on them.

  2. I think we need to take long look at our food imports. Less than one percent of the imports are inspected. Perhaps we need to start charging a fee on imported products to pay for inspection of all imported food items.

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