Posted by: thescoundrel | June 7, 2007

In the Eyes of the Law All Citizens are Equal but Paris Hilton is Evidently more Equal than Others.

We can take another slash out of the equal justice for the rich and famous column. Despite a judicial ruling stating no preferential treatment, Paris Hilton who less than a week ago announced steadfastly her preparation to serve out her 23-day jail sentence, has been released from jail after serving less than five days and will finish serving her sentence at her plush home, with a police ankle bracelet serving as her jail bars. Supposedly a medical condition has prompted the change in incarceration. Right, that medical condition is called preferential treatment for the rich and famous legal system. Her sentence has been raised to forty days but it will be served in the comfort of her lavish home surroundings and all the toys and distractions it offers. That is a far different punishment than her small sparsely ornamented jail cell where she was only allowed out of for an hour a day. In Orwellian fashion the system proves that though all citizens are equal some are more equal than others. So much for equal justice for all!



  1. i wasn’t aware of this news until i read this. the whole thing seems to be a big farce. and what’s all that talk about clearing the jail of the other inmates to make place for her or something?

  2. There was no jail clearing that I heard. But in that region they keep special jail cells available for extra protection from the normal prison populace for celebrities, former law and government officials and special case criminals. Plus in that region they also have special jails where the wealthy can actually pay money to escape normal incarceration conditions. Her original sentence was to a normal jail but she was to be secluded from the rest of the jail populace for her safety. She currently has been released by the police to finish her jail sentence confined to her lavish home. The judge in the case is evidently not happy, as I have heard he has scheduled a court date to discuss the situation. Who knows what will happen now.

  3. oh, i thought only the judge would’ve authority to transfer her to house arrest. how was this decision made without the judge’s approval then?

  4. Sulz, the sheriffs do have a certain amount of authority in these issues, especially in a city as large as Los Angeles. Laws differ so much between states that it is often difficult even for lawyers to explain how a case might navigate the system. How much say is allowed will change from state to state, city to city, district to district and even between different cities within the same state. The big question was did the sheriff exceed his authority by overriding the sentence where it plainly stated house arrest was not an option. There is a lot of gray area in several of the decisions made. It is evident that the sheriff at the vary least was not following procedure as he did not file proper documents with the judge that were needed for his approval of a medical release. My guess is that the sheriff will eventually get called up in front of the judge for behind closed doors session to save the system further embarrassment. I am including the link to the Court TV article on the event with this post as they do a much better job at explaining than I ever could. They are manned by professional lawyers that are more familiar with lawyer talk.

    Also this link from The Smoking Gun show some of the furor created by the situation.

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