Posted by: thescoundrel | June 14, 2007

2008 Elections – Help Wanted – Apply Immediately

😀 Sex……….Power……….Wealth! 😀


Help Desperately Wanted!!!

Must be able to assume position and duties by January of 2009. A Major World Power is in need of charismatic movers, shakers and leaders at all State and Federal levels to replace numerous useless scoundrel and scalawag slackers too lazy and obstinate to work. The Citizens are looking to clean house and replace most House, Senate and Executive positions in the branches of the country’s government. Experience preferred but will be willing to train quality individuals with a propensity for Civilian and Military leadership, planning, hard work and most importantly the ability to complete assigned tasks. Fame, Fortune, Extensive Worldwide Travel, Personal Limousine-Helicopter-Plane-Living and Vacation Quarters provided for those chosen for Executive Branch Level, Public Speaking Prospects, Book Deals, Secret Romantic Trysts and many other advancements and opportunities abound with these positions. Annotation and Adulation throughout Time and History is guaranteed for individuals with the right stuff. Short and long term contract positions available. Pay and benefits are excellent. Scoundrels, Scalawags, Slackers and Special Interest Panhandlers need not apply. Those interested should contact and apply immediately to the Citizens of the United Sates of America.



  1. Are you saying that these are the jobs that Americans are unwilling to do? 😉

  2. LMAO, no just jobs that the current power brokers in DC do not take seriously, except when it comes to graft and cold cash!!!!!!!!! I am open to all legal options! Nor does it seem to bother most of them that they want to spend all those billions upon billions of dollars on illegal alien amnesty. As long as it gives them a chance for the future votes of those illegals they are fine wasting the citizens money.

  3. both the article and the comment by qcexaminer are tremendous!

    I couldn’t agree more, clear them all out. I think I could pick 100 random people and do a better job than the Senate.

    why don’t you run for office?

  4. I think the link I found posted over on QC Examiner’s blog displays the discontent with our current crop of legislators. They are all to self absorbed in playing party politics to do the job they were hired to do. When you are having trouble with management and sales at a corporate level you clean house of the waste and start anew. It is time to clean house in our government.

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