Posted by: thescoundrel | June 17, 2007

The Government Spits on the Public

The current Democrat and Republican legislators’ push to ram the amnesty for illegal aliens legislation through legislative branches has distanced themselves from the pleas and viewpoint of the citizens of the USA. In a poll by Rasmussen Reports the results said that a majority of people do not like the script of the current immigration bill. Most people in the survey wanted the government to take a more restrained approach towards immigration modification. And a major majority of the individuals polled (Democrat, Republican or Moderate) preferred that the approach of any new legislation center around increased border enforcement, enforcing the laws already passed, punishing companies that hire the illegal aliens, while also requiring the illegal aliens to return to their points of origin and getting in the same immigration line everyone is supposed to enter this country through. But there is still a strong bipartisan effort to revive the immigration bill that was just defeated that included giving amnesty to twelve million-plus illegal immigrants (the numbers I have seen range up to a possible twenty million illegal aliens are in this country). The bill’s cost to the taxpayer has been estimated from $125+ Billion dollars that could range into possible trillions of dollars depending on the exact amount of Illegal aliens that declare for citizenship. Still the people in our government want to push this bill through despite the insane costs and despite most of the citizenry across political lines being against the amnesty language contained in the legislation. And Harry Reid has announced that he plans on reintroducing the bill as soon as the coming week because he felt that they had bought enough Republican votes to push the bill through the Senate. The USAmerican Legislators are busy pandering to the illegal alien elements and are only interested in pushing through this bill, which a large majority of the taxpaying citizens are against and that will have to pay the costs. The government is currently in the act of spitting in the face of the USA public and telling us to pay for the cleanup. 😡



  1. Its sad that the cost of this bill would go a long way in say.. paying off our national debt. I think the often more unspoken reason behind the bill is to decrease drug trafficking rather than just illegal immigrants but it doesnt really cover the other areas that people are still going to get through. Such as the large network of tunnels underground – most of which are undiscovered; in effect creating a nice $125 Billion Dollar art project. As you stated above I think that the best course of action is concentrating on the current illegal immigrant problem that is already within the United States.

  2. waywardthoughts,
    I think the reason no one mentions the possiblity that increasing border security will decrease drug trafficking is because there is no reason, other than wishful thinking, to think that it might. The U.S. has been spending billions of dollars in the War on Drugs for decades, doing things directly designed to cut off the flow of drugs, without much effect. Why would something designed to stop the flow of illegal immigrants have the side effect of descreasing the flow of drugs? The drug trafficers have not been using illegal immigrants as mules. In every case I am aware of the people recruited to bring illegal drugs into the U.S. are people who have a legal right to cross the border.

    You really should talk to some illegal immigrants some time and listen to their stories. It would dispell a lot the myths and incorrect impessions you seem to have.

  3. I came across your blog through a technorati search and I was wondering if you’d be interested in a link exchange with Immigration Orange. I’m always looking for different perspectives to interact with and value all viewpoints. Email me at kyledeb at gmail dot com if you’re interested.

  4. Thanks for visiting my blog waywardthoughts. Though I think you may be right that some of the sponsors may think it will decrease drug traffic, I tend to agree with Dave on the legislation not really having any meaningful effects on drug trafficking.

    Though I would not be surprised to see government officials try and sell this piece of horse manure in that method. I have contended that the bill is mostly about ineffectual legislating and political power plays. The citizens are screaming for border controls and immigration control. But the legislators are clueless on a way to fix the problem. So they are trying something similar to what Reagan tried. The problem is it did not work before and it will not fix the problem this time either. They are running up the white flag at the expense of the USAmerican citizens because they have no idea how to fix the problems. And they are charging us for their lack of leadership and their surrender to the illegal aliens with an exorbitantly expensive piece of legislation that is not even worth the amount of ink it will take to write it. All it will do is sellout those who are legal citizens and those who are playing by the rules when it comes to immigrating into our country. Plus they are risking health dangers I talked of in an earlier post that they are exposing our citizens to because the illegals have not been properly screened.

    Another thing these worthless ineffectual sellout legislators are looking at is figuring a way to seduce and utilize potential voters from among the illegal aliens. The voter totals are fairly well divided where the final direction of major political contests can be determined by a handful of votes. The bipartisan sellout legislators are counting on securing those future votes for their parties as soon as they can figure out a way to hand the illegals the right to vote while limiting the wrath of the existing legal citizens.

    Mostly this is just a sellout of the USAmerican public by our own lazy, ineffectual and greed laden power-seeking government officials. My biggest regret from this whole government manipulation of the country is that the Nietzschian sheep of both sellout Parties will continue to vote these losers back in office.

  5. waywardthoughts’ comment about drug trafficking reminded me of something I saw a while back. According to this news story, the Mexican government is righteously pissed off about our lax border security which allows illegal weapons to be smuggled from the US to Mexico for use by “brutal drug gangs”. Mexico was putting pressure on Bush and Gonzales to get busy and DO something about border security in order to help the Mexican government.

    I was going to blog about this, but it was just so absurd, I was at a loss what to say about it.

    I suppose if nothing else, this would be a good opportunity to try to get the Mexican government to go halfsies with us on a border fence that would help stop weapons trafficking on our side and help Mexico stop human trafficking on their side. It’s a win-win situation! (that ain’t gonna happen)

  6. Hm I think I may have worded my post wrong or it was misunderstood; especially by Dave. I wasnt saying that I personally think it is to reduce drug trafficking, I was saying that I think another reason the government has in putting up the wall is to decrease drug trafficking. I had read some articles regarding this previously but I am honestly just too lazy to go find them right now as my brain is still muddled with thoughts of sleep.

    While I do think it may help to reduce it slightly I do not think it will make a large enough difference to count towards anything.

  7. Thanks for clarifying your thoughts wayward. Personally I am not sure how they are ever going to make a dent in drug trafficking, I do not think a wall will even slow them down, they will just change port of entry. Real crooks always find a way.
    Thanks for the links, kyle and QCX. I was glad I had finished eating supper by the time I spotted your link QCX. 😉 I would have choked on my fried chicken for sure. I almost missed it but thanks to that snap it feature my mouse cursor found it for me. (I had laser treatments on my eyes and I am still having a little trouble seeing. It makes me wish I had learned how to be a touch typist as the keyboard is going to be a challenge for about a week. 🙂 Everyone better hope my spell checks are catching the errors until my sight returns to normal. Oh well my spelling and grammar has always been atrocious anyway! So it is nothing new~~ 🙂 )

  8. I do hope you didn’t let them laser both eyes at once. Normally (from what I’ve heard) they do one eye, let it heal then do the other.

    Hope you aren’t experiencing more problems than usual.

    PS: Had my Blogdaddy disable the snap it thing. With my hinky set-up (webtv/dial-up) the snap-ups popped-up unbidden; just covered the text and really PO’d me.

  9. I had a rogue vein growing inside my eye where it was not supposed to be. The doctor was afraid it was leaking and decided to fry it with a laser. (Though I think he was actually looking to find an alternative energy source to keep his Mercedes on the road. My guess is if you ask the insurance company, he found that resource.) I still am having some trouble seeing things clearly with that eye and for a non-touch typist reading and posting on websites is quite a challenge.

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