Posted by: thescoundrel | June 20, 2007

Where Do We Go From Here

In a move that was probably expected by anyone following current political events, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg has changed his political affiliation to unaffiliated. This is very likely a precursor to announcing a bid for the President of the United States. With Hillary Clinton a frontrunner in the Democrats Primary race and “Everybody’s Mayor”, Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani a frontrunner of the Republican’s Primary race this could turn out as an all New York POTUS election.

Switching political parties is not uncommon but it is usually a switch of allegiance between the two major parties. And it is rare and not usually very successful (such as previously attempted by John Anderson) when a POTUS Candidate changes their status to – unaffiliated with either major party. Unlike Anderson, Bloomberg has the cash to run without adding “special interest” groups and the money to influence and buy those “special interest” voting block groups and supporters. Plus, unlike independents like Ross Perot (notice he actually debated, on Larry King Live, many Democrats Dream Candidate, Al GOracle about NAFTA – Perot was the anti-NAFTA candidate), Bloomberg has previous success in the Political World in his personal portfolio. Independents are rare even in Senate and Congress levels, though like former-Democrat Joe Lieberman, some do succeed. That makes Bloomberg’s chances difficult. But the current backlash towards both the Republican and Democrat Party and their inability to govern would seem to make his chances better than past candidates. Whether or not he wins the election, he will likely make it interesting, while probably drawing many if not most of the “swing” votes that make the final determination in whom finally gets elected POTUS. In one of my recent posts I talked of a Rasmussen Reports article, which stated that the 2008 POTUS election could create more chaos than the 2000 Bush-Gore election. As that possible announcement looms, the rhetorics from the current crop of party select POTUS wannabes will screech across the airwaves like a banshee searching for a soul to snatch.

Whether he succeeds or not, the increased chance that he could have success by moving away from the major political powers bodes well for future candidates to break the hold and gridlock intentionally created by the two major parties currently in charge of our government. The bad news is that the real possibility to create Political change is still only for the rich. We just get to decide on whatever creatures they put forth to view.



  1. I’ve held off commenting/blogging about this because it all seems so unsettled.

    Ralph Nader is now talking about running again. I’ve seen suggestions that either a Bloomberg/Nader or Bloomberg/Hagel ticket might be a possiblity. There would be a major charisma deficit in a Bloomberg/Hagel ticket, so I don’t see that as realistic.

    I’ve also seen it floating around that the Governor of California (still not sure how to spell his name without looking—after all these years!) is a possibility for VP.

    Unity08 has given some credence to these wild-cards after all the years of sneering at third party and independent candidates.

    The next 16 months (or whatever it is) should be verrrrry interesting. If we’re not bored to death by then. 😉

  2. Holy cats! Now even Alan Keyes is thinking about running for POTUS.

    Who’s next? PeeWee Herman?

  3. Hey, what happened to my link?

  4. LOL, sorry QCX, but I see no address listed for your original link. I assume it was the Keyes article. Hey why not Keyes, everybody else is tossing out feelers? He is as capable as anyone else running.

    Hmm, Pee Wee Herman that sounds like a possibility. He could get Marilyn Chambers or Chasey Lain to be his VP candidate and they could run as the Porn Party. (Actually I offered up a link in one of my earlier posts linking to a site talking of Marilyn Chambers 2004 VP candidacy.)

    I am not sure about Ahnold as a VP candidate. I am not sure if he can even be an acting President in an emergency. Too many complications would doom any ticket with him on it. On the other hand I think a very marketable candidate for either POTUS or VP would be Colin Powell.

    All bets are off in 2008.

  5. I really don’t follow Bloomberg, and I’m not from NY, but is it me or does this guy just ‘jump ship’ to whatever is hot. Like I said, I don’t follow him, so I could be wrong, but wasn’t he a Democrat? Then he moved to a Republican to run off the success of Rudy, and now he is switching to Independent since he sees the ratings of both parties so low. It seems like he’ll align himself with anyone, any party, and any ideal if it means he’ll get ahead.

    Anyone from there or know more about him that you could fill me in if my thoughts are correct or way off?

  6. You have it accurate by my understanding.

  7. I need to get to Vegas…my money is on Bloomberg making some real noice, I think that the odds that Vegas would give would be a worthwhile bet…

    Hillary or Obama have serious issues (hillary more than Obama for those in the middle).

    There is not a Republican that the middle or Right likes (goodness, they have to bring in Thompson, who has a record similar to Obama (meaningless), and

    Everyone is sick of both parties. If there was ever a time for the public to vote for ‘None of the Above’ or ‘Independent’ – it is now!

  8. Just Guessing, There is no doubt that both major political parties have image and issue problems with the public. If an Independent ever stood a real chance it is now. But voting party line is a bad habit of the USAmerican voters.

  9. I would love to see a strong indie, I just don’t see it. I can’t count Bloomberg as an indie since he’s belonged to both parties, he’s just as entrenched as the rest of the clowns.

  10. I agree Al, but then so are most independents. I have said it over and over again, true political change and opportunity still belongs to the rich. And I have never heard of a plausible way to fix the problem.

  11. […] Republican hierarchy. I also talked earlier that already in the 2008 race we have seen the name of Michael Bloomberg mentioned as a possible entry as an Independent candidate. Ron Paul has emerged as a dark horse Republican […]

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