Posted by: thescoundrel | June 28, 2007

Obama, Clinton and McCain Vote to Sellout the USA to Illegal Aliens.

The 2007 Senatorial Scalawags and Scoundrels attempt at illegal alien amnesty has been dealt at least a temporary defeat. The vote included Illinois’ US Senators Barrack Obama and Dick Durbin voting to turn their back on the USAmerican citizens by supporting this Senatorial legislation of betrayal. Besides Obama, other conspirator POTUS wannabes that voted for this abomination were Hillary Clinton and John McCain. May it be the deathblow to all of their candidacies! And as I listened to Ted Kennedy and read what some others whom were supporting the bill had to say following the legislations defeat, it was clear they still do not understand the problems as the majority of the public views it. Instead of solving the problem the public wants fixed, the porous borders, like a spoiled kid who cannot get what they want they have decided to shelf fixing the problem until as late as 2009, hoping to eventually secure enough votes to push the legislation through. They were making it clear that if they could not grant amnesty to the illegal aliens that they would just cancel the ballgame and not fix the borders. It was clear that many legislators did understand just how serious the voters disliked this legislation as USA Today reported that over 2/3 of those legislators coming up for reelection in 2008 voted against the measure. Every legislator who supported this sellout of the USAmerican citizens should be voted out of office in the next elections. And until they fix the borders – every legislator that votes against fixing the borders and attempts to tie giving the illegal invasion force amnesty to fixing the border problem should not be voted back into office. It is time that the Executive Branch and the Senatorial/Congressional Legislative Branches fix our borders or get out of the government and let someone in on the governmental gravy train career that will do the job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In the following varied Washington Post link you can check the vote by:

By party – By state – By region – By boomer status – By gender – By astrological sign

How They Voted Link!



  1. The one encouraging sign I saw was in a couple of news stories about how both the newly elected Democrats and Republicans felt strongly they were obligated to keep their campaign promises to their constituents rather than bow to the pressure of their party leaders (Kennedy, Lott, etc.) The freshmen Democrats were especially in a bind because many of them won in conservative districts by only a few hundred votes.

    If we could just find a way to get more turn over in Congress, we would get people who were more responsive to the public rather than the powerful and power brokers, most of whom have been in Congress for decades. The longer these people are in the DC the more arrogant they become and the less the wishes of the voters matter.

    As for the votes of Clinton, McCain, etc. Well, most of them voted to authorize war in Iraq too and some have cheerfully tossed aside that vote when political expedience required it. They are voting with an eye on POTUS, not voting for the wishes of their respective states. I can’t believe the good people of Arizona were thrilled by this immigration bill abomination, yet McCain flogged it mercilessly.

    Just pathetic. You are so right—-we have got to find a way to get rid of these people.

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