Posted by: thescoundrel | July 14, 2007

Spending a Billion Dollars Can Be Difficult

It became official this week as Mark Cuban applied for a chance to purchase the Chicago Cubs. I could be wrong, but from what I have heard about Cuban, he sounds like the kind of owner who could help the Chicago Cubs become a winning franchise. The expenses and rewards of owning the Cubs would be extraordinary. With a high team payroll, cost of stadium upkeep (it is an old but storied stadium that will cost mega-$$$ for upkeep) that also includes purchasing a financial interest in Comcast Sports, the team will be expensive to purchase and maintain. The final cost for any purchaser(s) will probably top a billion dollars. (OUCH!) On the opposite end of the gauntlet, the franchise is a cash cow that will make any new owners even wealthier. Cubs’ fans are rabid about their team. And there are a lot of those fans across the nation and even some from countries around the world. If you are unsure about that all you have to do is watch a few games when they are on the road. They are a road team that fills most parks the team visits with a large contingent of Cubby Blue Costuming. And if you carefully look at those fans you will notice that most are clothed in a various assortment of Cubby franchise expensive marketing merchandise, which is probably just a small sample of what they also have home in their closets. (No, you may not throw YOUR trash in my Cubby Wastebasket or wear any of My Cubby caps and garments!!!!!)

Still I am afraid that Mr. Cuban has a long way to go “if” he is allowed to purchase the Chicago Cubs. As I have mentioned before, Major League Baseball Ownership is a closed society. It will be a tough sell for Mr. Cuban, as MLB does not like maverick owners that challenge the system. And it is NO secret that the current Godfather of MLB, Bud “Good-Ol-Boy” Selig, and one of his closest allies Chicago Whites Sox Owner, Jerry Reinsdorf, are not Mark Cuban fans. And before Cuban, or any other would be purchaser, can even think about becoming the next owner of the Cubs franchise they must pass all the MLB secret society popularity votes and then jump through all the MLB secret society hoops while also chanting all the expected MLB secret society mantras. Getting blackballed by current owners is a high probability for a lot of potential owners, especially Mark Cuban mavericks. Who could figure spending over a BILLION dollars could be so difficult!!!


  1. I’m not sure he’ll buy them, but I do know I’m not that comfortable with the thought of him possibly becoming an MLB owner. I just posted my thoughts on my blog here:

  2. I am more to the opinion that a Mark Cuban ownership of a baseball team would do MLB some good. The MLB ownership needs someone to rock the boats. Some of the old time owners need to be replaced with more aggressive owners that are looking to win, not just own a trophy-team. And the Cubs have seen a lack of agressive ownership as long as I have followed them. I think Cuban and his in your face ownership would give a sport that tends to be stodgy, stubborn and sit on its haunches like a balking jackass – motivation, a fresh look and better perspective for the future. I and others might not like the roads he pushes MLB down but it should add surprise and excitement. That is something MLB often lacks.

  3. […] Corp. and needs to sell off the Cubs Franchise to soften the load of debt incurred in the purchase. But as I spoke of previously, just because Zell finds a buyer he is satisfied with does not mean the….With MLB spending a billion dollars can be a difficult prospect. The other MLB Team Owners cabal […]

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