Posted by: thescoundrel | July 16, 2007

The X-Files Returns to the Movie Screen!?!

It sounds like possible good news for X-File fans. A rumor is out promising a second and new movie based on the discontinued series that still has a big fan base. It also sounds like the heart and soul of the series David Duchovny, Gillian Anderson and series creator Chris Carter are all on board for the remake. According to a BBC article the script has been written and will soon be sent to the former stars of the show. Of course the real problem will be; can they bring back the magic spark that disappeared during the show’s last seasons after Duchovny and Anderson left to pursue other and less heralded options? The anticipation will be interesting to watch. I remember the clamor when the first Star Trek movie was announced. The hype was bigger than the movie but the Fans need for a Star Trek fix outweighed the need of excellence in content. (Sorry about that quote Mr. Spock.) In retrospect other than the fact that Star Trek returned and hit the big screen the only real attraction of the movie was a very hot and very bald Miss India, Persis Khambatta with one of the leading parts. The second Star Trek Movie, The Wrath of Khan was, and still is, in my estimation the best of all the Star Trek movies. Here is hoping that the new X-File Movie is a winner and does not turn out a stinker worthy of a Raspberry award.

Side note —> I really liked the X-Files but I was a much bigger fan of Carter’s much darker Millennium series. But much like the last season of X-Files they stole the magic and allure from the last season of Millennium trying to appeal to larger audiences.

My Favorite The Wrath of Khan quote and the long since adopted political mantra battlecry of the Democrat and Republican parties:

Khan to Capt. Kirk—> To the last, I will grapple with thee. From hell’s heart, I stab at thee. For hate’s sake, I spit my last breath at thee.



  1. so, all that said, would you watch another x-files movie? 😉 i have not watch the first movie, but i certainly enjoyed the show. but to have another movie made now… wouldn’t it be stale?

  2. Not for me, Sulz. And probably not for many others is my guess. The first movie was actually tied into the series. Carter has the ability, if he chooses so, to make a better legacy for the series than the way it ended on TV. I think the problem lays with making something his fan base will accept and not just a movie will draw the multitude. It could and should work. Will it work is a different question. I know Joss Whedon tried with the 2005 movie Serenity to recapture both his core audience and find new followers to add from his original followers from the canceled series “Firefly“, but did not succeed. In my estimation the original series, which was canceled by the networks, was a masterpiece of Sci-Fi Cowboy style Soap Opera. I liked his spin off movie Serenity just as well as the TV series Firefly. The critics seemed to like it and it also seems to have a positive feedback following over on IMDB but the movie was just marginally successful at the box office. Even so, that does not mean a new X-Files will work. I am just guessing it will, simply because it had such a huge original following plus it is still successful in syndication. The fact that X-Files has been gone from original production a long time could have many former and newer fans yearning for some of that old series magic revitalized into a new movie like the first Star Trek Movie phenomenon did. Yearning makes the heart grow fonder!

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