Posted by: thescoundrel | July 30, 2007

The Rah-Rah-Rah Sis-Boom-Bah post

Like a lot of Bloggers much of my material space is spent on bitch and whine posts. Tonight I thought I would do a rah-rah-rah sis-boom-bah post.

As I was all stretched out relaxing and lounging on Big Green chugging Mt. Dew and chomping down peanuts and while basking in the celebration of another Cubs victory the other night, sadly Big Green tore a hammy. Well Big Green is over a decade old and my first thoughts were I might be forced to put it down as the repair would probably be well towards the cost of a brand new companion. So I spent a few days in distress knowing that the devastating injury would not correct itself, but the thought of taking Big Green out back and putting it out of its misery then offering up the remains in a blazing smoky sacrificial funeral pyre left my body feeling soulless and my mind numb. So I finally forced myself to proffer a plea to Big Greens creator and was promptly prophesied potential resurrection possibilities. The thought of a continued existence for my decade old companion elated my spirit and created a feeling of euphoria within my troubled soul. And today as I shared my sorrow and shattered spirit with Big Green’s creator I was reminded why I chose Big Green as my faithful companion over a decade ago. Big Green’s creator, LazBoy, fulfilled the pledge made by their prophets over a decade ago by assuring me that the cost of parts for repair would be no out of pocket expense as they placed the order for Big Green’s hamstring replacement. I was overjoyed with jubilation when they informed me that the parts would be here in less than two months in time for the start of Da Bears Football season and if fortune and destiny consents, a Chicago Cubs postseason. Oh happy days, my faith in the extra financial commitment to the purchase of LazBoy action recliner chairs with action parts guaranteed for life was vindicated. I am excited that no funeral pyres are now necessary and that soon Big Green, my LazBoy rocker-recliner will be faithfully providing me support while I participate in songs of Cubs and Bears triumphs! Yee haw!



  1. You’re kinda demented scoundrel, but I like that in a man. 😀

  2. LMAO, so I am a strange bird? Anyone who personally knows me could tell you that your statement is not far off base. But there are three things that are essential in a mans life that create life shattering revelations when faced with possible change. One and the most important is his parents/siblings/children’s mortality, nuff said about that. Second is his dog (see Harlan Ellison’s book “A Boy and his Dog” – not the crappy movie). Third and the one I was facing – the loss of his favorite oversized recliner’s companionship. Somethings are just not replaceable. On the other hand anything else is transitional and subject to composed change as needed.

  3. […] 20th, 2007 by thescoundrel After much anticipation I received the big call today. The transplant organ for Big Green had arrived! So I rushed down to the store and picked it up. Ecstatic that I had Big Greens […]

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