Posted by: thescoundrel | August 5, 2007

What were they thinking!

I love wearing T-Shirts with cartoon themes and other goofy sayings. But perhaps some funny saying shirts are best worn only at home. While visiting the Smoking Gun Site they displayed some untimely and inappropriate garment choices for getting arrested while drunk. My favorite was the drunken woman who gets busted for her third DUI while wearing a T-Shirt that said, “I’m not an alcoholic, I’m a drunk, Alcoholics go to Meetings”. Nothing like self-categorization to help the police expedite the paperwork! Another one displaying that perhaps the individual was not the sharpest tool in the shed was a drunk that was picked up wearing a shirt that said, “Out On Bail“. A third one was wearing a shirt that said, “I can’t be drunk“! Humm, perhaps he should look in the mirror – it might change his mind. Another one came prepared as he was wearing a shirt with a bail bondsman advertisement that said, “Get Your Loved One Out of Jail Quick“. LMAO, he must have been a boy scout as he came prepared! As you skim the gallery of drunks you have to wonder that after they sobered up if any of them asked themselves; What was I thinking! Of course if they were thinking at all, they should have known better than to get drunk and then drive.

And for those of you that have had their fill of Beauty Pageants with  all the  pomp and pretentiousness here is the link for you: “The Miss White Trash Pageant“! I don’t know about you folks but this one has me all a twitter!



  1. i love t-shirts with witty sayings, but they can be quite dangerous too. they either show you’ve got a sense of humour or you’re so ignorant as to not see the idealogy behind the “witty” saying. girls would wear a t-shirt that says fuck a ho and think that it’s just referring to some other girl. but the bigger picture?

  2. I used to have one that said ‘Life’s to short to dance with ugly women”. I only wore it once and got in more trouble than it was worth.

  3. 🙂 Sulz, yup tshirts are fun. I am surprised no one has ever took a snapshot of me snoozing in my tshirt (probably rolled up over my belly button) that says I think I’m gonna hibernate.

    😀 Cruiser, there are moments when we buy or wear things we don’t think about until someone points us to humor (or lack of such) in the item/event. I have lost track of the times I have heard of wives buying the “I heart” tshirts wanting to express that they love their husband that seems innocent except they use their husbands nickname “dick” and it comes out “I heart dick”, what were they thinking?

    Still I am holding out hope for the QC business/tourist bureau to jump on the white trash event. We could have a contest for the women and one for the men also. We could call it the QC Trailer Trash pageant. We could have a pageant for the guys and the girls. I think we should also include a contest for those girls thinking that wearing nothing underneath bib overalls is chic! And we could have a mantitty wet tshirt contest also. Some of the prizes could include some “keep the QC beautiful” pairs of suspenders like I saw someone wearing that says “say no to crack”. We have the contestants and could draw more and spectators from counties all around us – the city fathers just need to work the idea in to the crowded QC Summer Events calender! It could really make us the goto place for tourists!

    Please guys (and gals) just say no to crack —>

  4. And on a more grand scale I have now exceeded over 4000 Spam comments in my dump bin. Yahoo!

  5. Wow! You must be doing something right scoundrel—I only have 65 spam comments in my dump!

    You da man!

  6. Yeah all that lovely spam started escalating with my Anna Nicole Smith posts, Paris Hilton posts and my casual mention of Britney Spears in another post. The Porn Spam train got rolling. Since my NAMbLA rant – the gay porn train has been a rolling in also. The pharmaceutical Spam is a lot more devious though. Their Spam actually looks like medical transcripts, but Akismet tosses it out because of numerous hidden links. I really like the Akismet tool.

    But I am gonna be real disappointed if the QC tourism folks do not work on this Trailer Trash Pageant idea of mine. It could be a real economy boost! 😀

  7. I agree wholeheartedly about both Akismet and the Trailer Trash Festival. Lord knows we don’t have enough festivals around here—-especially for the trashier elements of our society.

    I also started to get more porn spam after my post about Obama approving sex-ed for kindergarteners.

    At one point in the post, I used the phrase “kiddy sex-ed” and after that I had all sorts of searches from skeevy pervs looking for “kiddy sex”. Yikes!

    My only consolation was that when the pervs logged on to QCE, all psyched up for some kiddy porn, all they got was my Obama rant.

    Just doin’ my part to combat the pervs! 😀

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