Posted by: thescoundrel | August 6, 2007

Blagojevich – Just Another Corrupt Chicago Democrat Wasting Illinois’ Time and Money

Blagodabitch has to be the most ineffective Governor of the State of Illinois in my lifetime. He is so tied to the crooked Chicago Democrat machine he rarely even visits the seat of Illinois government in Springfield except when it costs the State extra travel money. He ran on a cleanup politics platform and his office has been under corruption investigations almost since he was originally elected. He made millions of dollars in still unfulfilled campaign promises to get reelected that the State cannot afford. He has scrambled every since the last election to sell the lottery or raise taxes so we the taxpayers have to pay for his reelection campaign promises. And despite the Democrats having almost entire control of the State of Illinois government he and the Democrat party are having trouble passing legislation. And the only pieces of legislation they seem to agree on are the ones that sellout the state and it’s shrinking coffers to illegal immigrants and legislation that caters to Chicago politics like gun control that run businesses out of the rest of the state. (They still have that sellout legislation drivers license for illegal aliens on hold – hoping to push it through the final phases before the end of the year!) Even when he tries to do the right thing (I am giving him the “benefit of doubt” on “doing the right thing”) he screws the pooch with fiascos like his $2.6 million dollar autonomous purchase of flu vaccinations the FDA refused to approve for use. He then sends them to Pakistan after an earthquake, where they are eventually destroyed for having an expired usage date. He is costing this state more money than all his predecessors have stolen. His worthless administration is proof positive that the State of Illinois needs a viable third Political Party replacement option to remove the stranglehold the corrupt Democrat Party and ineffectual Republican Party have on the State of Illinois. Of course then the trick would be getting the blind sheep of the two Parties to vote for real reform.



  1. SO IT WAS KNOWN IN 2007!!!

  2. Anyone denying the widespread political corruption in Illinois is just enabling Political Parties to protect their crooked membership.

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