Posted by: thescoundrel | August 7, 2007

Thats Incredible!

This morning the two KUUL Radio morning DJ’s, Mark & Steve, did an interview with a woman from Arkansas, Michelle Duggar, whose recent accomplishment of birthing her 17th child leaves me astonished. In an age where the average family size is shrinking, her and her husband are raising seventeen children and are considering more. Ouch, that sounds like a lot of sleepless nights and untold child raising frustrations. According to an article in the Washington Post Mrs. Duggar, who is 40, has been pregnant for 10.5 years of her life! They even have their own family website, complete with family recipes. I cannot even begin to comprehend the amount of personal sacrifice, work and financial commitment that must go into running such a large household. Kudos to them for quite an ongoing accomplishment. To quote an old television show, That’s Incedible!



  1. maybe to offset the unborn children in the growing number of childfree couples? 😉

    i honestly don’t know if this is a good or bad thing, to have so many kids… i guess it’s how the parents raise the family that makes the difference.

  2. Wow. If she didn’t stay home, imagine day care costs…lol.

  3. I guess if they can support them and raise them right, more power to them! Personally, I think it’s a bit excessive, but to each their own.

  4. […] Woman to Birth 18th Child! Jump to Comments Last August I blogged about an Arkansas couple, Michelle and Jim Duggar, whom had just celebrated the birth of their 17th child. I was amazed at their sacrifice and family commitment in this day and age of passing-ship marriages […]

  5. Do they know what is causing this?
    Every couple should be allowed 2 children only.
    Way too many children to support and raise.
    Overpopulation is getting a boost from this
    couple that might need to practice contraception.

  6. Is it good to profit from having too many children?
    Why would anyone want to watch this family?
    I hate reality shows, it is the demise of decent writing and programing. TV has nothing more to offer to me.

  7. Come on Wayne that sounds like sour grapes. Don’t hate on the guy just cause he gets laid real regular.

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