Posted by: thescoundrel | August 15, 2007

Bringing You the Shock and Ahh News from Around the World!

In an effort to assist the media in getting out important news to the people, today, theScoundrel brings you important news and links from around the globe. Enjoy!!

I do not know anyone who pays their taxes with a smile on their face. But the guy who paid his tax bill of $12,656.07 with one-dollar bills and coins makes me want to shout “Oh Yeah, there is intelligent life out there”!!! 😀


From the what was she thinking department: a Georgia criminal mastermind calls the police to report fraud when the crack cocaine she was sold turned out to be fake!!! 🙄


There is ignoring pain and then there is having no sensitivity in parts of your body. My guess is with the following athlete he was in need of a serious checkup for neuropathy. Severing your leg on a motorcycle ride should be one of those instances where you normally notice serious pain. Ouch!!!! 😯



I guess there is somebody always trying to prevent the average Joe’s fantasies. In Australia, the Gaming Minister has ordered an investigation into a men’s magazine holding a contest where the prize was money to get the lucky winner’s girlfriend a breast augmentation. Spoilsports!!! 😥


Them backwoods southern prisons just keep trying to hold Oliver prisoner against his will, his only crime being his desire for freedom!!! Free Oliver Now!!! 😡


Driver caught Drunk, Blind and Driving – for the third time! Alright Now!! Has ex Illinois Governor George Ryan been over in Estonia selling drivers license to pay for his lawyer fees? 😯


Hey how about this, Two links for the price of one! May I check your baggage sir! I guess airport customs frown on some carry-on luggage! 😯


Finally!! A food product designed to prevent aging wrinkles. Italy unveils, much to the chagrin of purists, a pizza designed to prevent wrinkles. UhOh, Looks like an increase in pizza imports to the USA is inevitable. That will probably mean a giant increase of the trade deficit. Sheesh! 🙄


Who says crime will get you nowhere!! A 24-year-old convicted Thai female drug-dealer has successfully defended her WBC flyweight title that she won while still in prison. 😯


Well thats all for today folks. have a good one!!!!!!!!!!!


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