Posted by: thescoundrel | August 16, 2007

Are these people Sicko?

Recently a small group of Cuban refugees landed on US soil. Normally I would say they should be deported back to their country of origin, but our law does make allowances for their trespass on US soil. Under US law they are allowed to stay if they make it to land but are turned away if they are intercepted at sea. A strange law, but I kinda-sorta-almost understand the reasoning. Mostly because our country has always hated Cuba’s Fidel Castro and if it were not for world pressure our government has always longed to send in special ops teams, kill him, gut him and leave his carcass for scavengers. Actually in the early ‘60s the JF Kennedy administration and the CIA had Castro’s demise in mind (which was just one of several US government backed assassination plots dating back to just before Eisenhower left office) however they bungled it with their Bay of Pigs operations. But Cubans have been seeking entrance into this country as long as Fidel has been in power, sometimes in very inventive ways. Some have made it others have failed. Which brings me to the point of this post. What is wrong with these people? Have they not heard about Michael Moore’s movie Sicko healthcare findings? Do they not understand that Michael Moore has reasoned that they have a better life ahead of them in Cuba due to its advanced medical care and facilities towering over our antiquated US medical care? If they had listened to Moore they would have known how much better off they are in Cuba. Why I fully expect anytime now that boatloads of US citizens shall be beating on Cuba’s door demanding entry! Oh wait – Michael Moore already did that and returned home!!!!

🙄 🙄 🙄



  1. If you had seen the movie ‘Sicko’ you would know that Michael Moore never claimed that lilfe in Cuba is better than in the United States. He did not even claim that that the Cuban health care system is better. What the movie did point out was that certain features of their health care system are better than ours, their overall medical outcomes like infant mortality, life expectancy, etc. are nearly as good as ours, and they spend only 1/27 as much on medical care as we do. One twenty-seventh!!! Do you think we are getting our money’s worth?
    By the way scoundrel, what’s with the ‘gutting his carcass’ talk. Are you trying to win some sort of who talks the most macho contest or something?

  2. I should have said Cuba spends 1/27th as much on medical care PER PERSON as the United States. Since there are fewer people in the Cuba than in the United States their total spending on health care is far less than 1/27 as much as people in the United States spend on medical care.

  3. Whatever Moore said exactly, it’s hardly worth defending someone who swallowed the official, state-sanctioned public relations tour about Cuba hook, line and sinker. Read a few regular Cubans, or Cubans living in America who have been back there, on what Cuban healthcare is really like now that the Soviet economic prop is gone. For that matter, ask the Canadians who travel to the US for medical care about how price controls in Canada mean having to face shortages — waiting lists — at home. Getting the state to lower prices always sounds nice and altruistic, until you discover that the inevitable result is a supply shortage.

  4. I do plan on watching Moore’s sicko as soon as it comes to my TV, just like I have watched every other Moore movie except his F911 movie. But I refuse to directly pay good money at the movie house to listen to the putz’ shtick. But as his usual operation he uses his movie as a propaganda piece to insinuate and incite his fanatic disciples. And he laughs all the way to the bank at the expense of the sheep he fleeces. But Moore attempting to compare Cuba and its closed-door (where the only information Moore is privy to is what Castro wishes him to see) preindustrial age system to the US system is comparing Apples to Oranges.

    As to the tone of my post, it follows one of my normal post patterns that includes a mixture of facts, sarcasm and in honor of Moore’s style of movie making, today I added a little bit of gutted rotting corpse hyperbole.

    Am I happy with our current healthcare system. No, I would like to see some sort of privatized national healthcare system that covers everyone but that keeps the government and the inept Democrat and Republican sticky fingers out of the cash and the system. That is not likely to happen.

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