Posted by: thescoundrel | August 17, 2007

Michael Vick – Another NFL Player Fallen from Grace?

Animal torture/cruelty crime is usually associated with mass murderers – not nationwide loved and respected professional athletes. But it is looking bad for NFL star quarterback Michael Vick as he is accused of dog-fighting, which is a sadistic form of animal cruelty. His three codefendants in the dog-fighting charges have pleaded guilty to federal charges. The most recent codefendants to plead were Quanis Phillips and Purnell Peace and they have implicated Vick in their legal statements as the primary financial backer and fellow participant in the dog-fighting ring that was being held on Vick’s property. And if the codefendants are telling the truth, Vick was the instigator in brutally slaughtering dogs that did not meet his fighting expectations. His methods included hanging and drowning. Some articles I have read suggest Vick is considering a plea himself. Either way his NFL career is most likely doomed. What was he thinking? I do not understand the mentality it takes to perform such acts of senseless cruelty. Plus this man had the ability to financially set himself for life with his NFL career. This man was an icon and admired by fans, players, coaches and even the team owner. Now he faces extreme humiliation at the very least and more seriously could be facing years of prison time. Dog-fighting is not just an illegal act it is a crime of extreme animal torture and cruelty. And if he is guilty I hope they throw the book at him!

Update In Comments Section: Vick to accept plea – terms to be made public on Monday?



  1. It was announced that Vick is accepting a guilty plea assuring himself of jail time. The terms have not been released. There is still an outside chance he could return to the NFL after his sentence is served. He faces several problems though in returning. 1. The position of QB is not an easy position to play. The longer he is away from the game the harder it will be to make a comeback. 2. Conditioning. Being in shape is far different than being in NFL condition. He can stay lean and mean but timing and awareness for the game erodes. 3. Rapport with teammates is a big part of success in the NFL. He has many many bridges to mend with players and coaches that may never allow a connection as a team player. 4. Prison can be tough on anyone. The mental and physical hardships he will face in the pen will make it difficult to ever be the superstar he once was. 5. Possibly the biggest hurdle is the ownership and commissioner. Image is huge in the NFL. Vick’s image is shot and forever tarnished. Plus the current commissioner is tough on players that commit questionable acts. He is also big on image issues.

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