Posted by: thescoundrel | August 22, 2007

Early 90’s Nostalgia

It is amazing what you find when you open boxes and dresser drawers that you haven’t opened since before many people were even born. My recent sorting through drawers found memorabilia from the early 1990’s. One of the more fun things I found was some optical illusion art work I purchased at a kiosk in the mall. I found just a small fraction of what I own but it brought back fond memories of playing with the 3d style images. (I know I am often easily entertained, hey as Cubs/Bears fan you learn to appreciate even the simplest forms of entertainment. I can still remember when we early 70’s Bear fans rated how well the Bears team played by how beat up their opponents were entering the following week!) Most of the images I have are from Magic Eye Art, which has more images at their website and more on a site, Vision 3d, promoting eye health. I have an astigmatism called lazy eye along with being near sighted that has required my use of some of the eye exercises they talk of on the website. Following is one of the pictures I picked up and links to others located on the web.

Stereogram photos.

3d Saturn.

Magic Eye Image of the Week.

3d Deer

3d Deer



  1. what deer? i thought it looked like a rather psychedelic fish scale pattern. 😛

  2. Well if you weren’t such a young wet behind the ears whippersnapper you might have played with these images before. 🙂 In all fairness it can be difficult for some people to see the image. It is a matter of focusing your eyes in one area and allowing the muscles relax and to adjust. Sometimes it helps if you move your head backwards and forwards very slowly so as not to mess up your focus. Once you get the hang of it it opens the mind up to the world of illusion art. It can take practice. The best advice is at the following link.

    Have fun!

  3. i don’t know… i checked out the link, then your image again. this time i saw coloured snowmen. i think i saw the deer’s antlers though. haha, i’m hopeless! 😛

  4. 🙂 Try some of the following links. You might find them a little easier to start with. A couple of things that might help: one look for a horizontal line or pattern running across the picture and stare at that pattern or line. It will probably look slightly more raised than the rest of the picture. Also very important “do not blink your eyes”! It may feel like your eyes are trying to cross, that is just your eyes trying to see the object.

  5. […] match was Bette Midler! Maybe I should have clicked on the robot option!) Plus similar to an earlier post I am including another 3-d image from the Magic Eye pictures I have collected. In this image of […]

  6. great! loved it!

  7. I love magic eye pictures, I get so lost in them. The thing that interests me is how I was nearsighted with astigmatism for 15 years and always saw them fine. But my boyfriend who has excellent vision (at least 20/15) finds it really hard to pick them out. Why is this?

    Anyway I managed to fix my -3.25 myopia last year with eye exercises. It is amazing how powerful these things are yet hardly anyone knows about them – or believes they really work. Well, I have the proof right in front of my eyes! Check out my story:

    Thanks! And let me know if you have any questions about eye exercises, there is a contact email on my blog.

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