Posted by: thescoundrel | August 23, 2007

Spousal Wars —> Coming to a Theatre Near You!

Despite the group orgies taking place in the banal presidential debates there have been Spousal Wars – pointing fingers and beating on their chests proclaiming the cream-of-the-crop resides in their personal domicile. But the recent question on whether or not Michelle Obama, which candidate Obama repudiates as fact, was attacking Hillary Clinton in a campaign speech also generates another possible motivation to be considered that can be found by taking in to account the extraordinary circumstances faced by Edwards and Obama. Hillary Clinton is by far the most political savvy and major face of the Democratic crop of candidates. She is also the real deal when mentioning possible female presidents. But in today’s culture of “equality for women” there also lays a similar reverse double standard when powerful men are dealing with women. Powerful women are often seen or called bitchy/pushy when they exert their power. It hits Clinton in the face with regularity when detractors describe her. But in all reality she is a tough woman who works in an even tougher political world. That requires a tough image to be successful. But if a man attacks a woman in a direct fashion as he would a man in similar situations he is usually seen as a bully and often tagged a misogynist. When in truth he is often just offering her the equal treatment he would a man in the same situation. I have been the recipient of such lofty titles periodically in my lifetime. With the recent opponents spousal condemnation of Clinton, while the Democrat candidates slather French-kisses on each other playing to the boobtube, you have to wonder if Edwards and Obama fear they cannot afford to take the risk of attacking Clinton face-on with out being hung with the title of bully or misogynist. That would only leave their spouses to carry the load.



  1. I’ve been thinking about this topic for some time and still don’t know what I think about it.

    You are correct about the problems a man faces in a political “fair fight” against a woman—a man can’t fight a woman like he can fight another man,but—-

    Obama and Edwards sending out their women to fight Hillary is just icky. It’s like they are promoting a cat fight, or mud wrestling, or playing pimps ‘n’ hos, and for me, at least, there is something really repulsive about it.

    But how DOES a man fight a powerful, savvy and formidable woman like Hillary—-and win?

  2. I am not sure you can head on. It is the culture we live in right now. It is similar to being a Democrat or a Republican and refusing to follow party rhetoric you know is incorrect. If you do not follow party line you are evil. The same way powerful men and women whom find themselves on opposite sides of an issue. It you are a woman challenging against the good old boy network and pushing tough policy, you are a pushy bitch because you are “acting” like a man. On the opposite side if you are a powerful man challenging women trying to climb the ladder of success or challenging a feminist political stand you are tagged a bully or a misogynist. We have become a good-bad culture where anyone who challenges the far right or the far left talking points are evil. My guess is, if I am Edwards, Obama or any other opponent, you send out the wives on attack mode.

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