Posted by: thescoundrel | August 24, 2007

CBS Exploits 40 Children!

CBS TV has proven once again that there are few limits to the entertainment industry’s eagerness and willingness to whoreout, exploit and risk safety to individuals in order to make a reality show. In a spin on an old book “Lord of the Flies“, where a group of young boys are stranded on an island without supervision and where that group eventually progresses into violent mob mentality and rule; CBS has created a mimic program they call Kid Nation where forty children were dropped off in a New Mexico ghost town where their only supervision was the show-producers whims. I am not sure which disgusts me more, the fact that CBS was willing to risk forty children’s safety (ages 8-15) to make a buck or the fact that for a few pieces of CBS’s silver coin the parents of those forty children were willing to sign a form that states that the parents of said children will not hold CBS responsible for any circumstances of sexually transmitted diseases, injury (including severe) or the child’s death that could occur! What has happened to common sense where a network will risk (and in the case of reality TV often spur on conflict) life and injury especially to children? What has happened to parental responsibility that they are willing to sellout their children’s privacy and safety for wealth? And even worse what does this say about our culture if we aid in the ratings-and-financial success of this children exploitation show? More information at the following links.

The Smoking Gun Link to the Kids Nation Story.

An LA Times article on Kid Nation.



  1. I find it sick as well. Ummmm, Lord of the Rings anyone? I have little respect for the so called “parents”.

  2. I have read posts on the Internet that disagree with my opinion, But I agree that the parents should be bearing a lot of the shame for this type of project.

    What others are saying.

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