Posted by: thescoundrel | August 31, 2007

WWE Wrestling Faces More Steroid Allegation Misery

It seems Professional Wrestling is about to take another slap to the face. It has just been a few weeks since the WWE Corporation was disclaiming possibilities of illegal steroid abuse by its employees following the murder-suicide events surrounding WWE Star Chris Benoit. Now word has splashed across the Internet that they have suspended ten of their professional wrestlers, including some headliners, after being notified of information from a steroid abuse investigation by a New York District attorney. The website Wrestling Revealed posted a list of WWE wrestlers that they say are under investigation – some of which they also say will be included in the actual suspended listed, that is not due to be released until November. They are also reporting that some NFL and MLB players are also part of the same ongoing investigation about questionable Internet steroid purchases by professional athletes. Though the possibility of steroid abuse should come as no big surprise to anyone that has ever followed modern Professional Wrestling or any other amateur or professional sports, this could be a huge blow financially for the still-reeling-from-the-Chris-Benoit-tragedy WWE, which has been almost continuously confronted with steroid abuse allegations throughout its history. Ouch, WWE owner,Vince McMahon, will wind up working some serious spinspeak for his programming image and to keep his millions of viewers tuned in weekly!



  1. Wrestling Inc. is offering an update lists wrestlers that it claims are on the list.

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