Posted by: thescoundrel | September 5, 2007


As the HDTV transformation continues, those of us wishing to get the NFL and other standard broadcasting programming over the airwaves still have reception/antenna questions to determine as within the next few years standard programing signals will fall to the wayside (proposed execution date for the current analog signal most people use, February 2009). All televisions will need either a built-in signal converter or an external signal converter to use the new signals which will be determined by your signal broadcast source. At QCOnline the “Ask us anything” section had a link to a site that is helpful to those of us noncable subscribers and still caught in the in between stages of HDTV. The link is a site that offers the lowdown on purchasing antennas for the coming wave of HDTV programing. What it says is what insiders have known for years, that most older antennas are already capable of receiving the HDTV signal and just need to be hooked to a HDTV converter and HDTV capable television. The site also rates your location for types of antenna that best suits your needs. The information is a good read for those in the early stages of investigation or those like me still in the inbetween stages.

More HDTV reading at this link.



  1. An interesting look at HD DVD at the following link.

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