Posted by: thescoundrel | September 5, 2007

My Afternoon Reading at Reuters

The top read story on Reuters at 4:00 pm: Nepal Airlines has started a revolutionary Boeing Aircraft preventative maintenance program after problems arose with one of their Boeing 757 aircraft. According to the Reuters article the local media had blamed the problems on faulty electronic problems. So the Airline officials sacrificed two goats to the Hindu sky god “Akash Bhairab” to help fix the problems. And here my ex in-law spent all that time learning engineering when he could have just taken up sacrificial goat studies!


I guess I need to add microwavable popcorn to my list of airplane glue, finger nail polish, canned electronics’ dust remover and other chemicals not safe to inhale! According to Julie Steenhuysen’s article from Reuters microwaved buttered popcorn releases a chemical that is dangerous to your lungs. You know when a large corporation changes their recipe there is probably a definite problem. Wow, and I really loved the smell of that hot buttered popcorn!
(Hey now, how did that Forbes article get in here!)


A Reuter’s article, by Anthony Boadle, talks of several women from the USSR that went to Cuba during Castro’s early takeover in search of true socialism. Evidently they must of not landed in the Utopian Cuba of Michael More Worshipers since they all were bemoaning the move and now feel trapped inside Cuba. I guess “true socialism” and Cuba ain’t exactly the Paradise Fidel and Mikey-disciples would have us believe.


An Austrian woman evidently lived with her dead aunts remains for over a year. When the police investigate she asked them not to disturb her aunt as she was sleeping. I believe Hollywood refers to that as “The Big Sleep”.


According to this Reuters article when looking for companionship men categorize their search by beauty (now that is a big surprise, not) while women are looking for men with money (Gold Diggers unite and unionize)! Man I knew I had it all screwed up, I been looking for both beauty and money at the same time.


The daughter of a Japanese Yakuza gangster has written a tell-all-book exposing the life of the Japanese Underworld gangsters. In this Reuters article she discusses the hardships and sacrifices (while exposing her back covered in tattoos) the gangs face since Japan has cracked down on the gangsters. I will try and remember to cry a tear for them while I am shopping at Wally World.


That’s all for now folks, all that news gave me a headache! If you need a bigger news fix, follow the Link!


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