Posted by: thescoundrel | September 9, 2007

Geraldo Rivera Spars on Camera with the Alex Jones Fanatics

Saturday night was morphing into Sunday morning while I pondered the possibility of another sleepless night searching the Internet for distractions. Around three I began to run into various posts from the Alex Jones Disciples screeching that he and some of his followers had been arrested for picketing and interfering with Fox’s Gerarldo (Rivera) at Large Show. They were also mad because Geraldo, never one to back away from a confrontation even if it turns physical, had evidently tossed a few broadcast insults towards the crowd for interfering with his show. So I trod into the TV room plopped down in Big Green with a can of DEW and turned on Geraldo. It turned out to be just the medicine I needed. Though I could not see Jones personally, the Jones crowd rambled in to view waving anti-Bush and 9-11 government conspiracy signs about a third of the way into the show attempting to drown out Geraldo and his guests. The group and the Geraldo cast verbally sparred (at one point Geraldo used the anarchist word, oh my) for about twenty minutes before the police finally came and hauled Jones and his cameraman away. Now those who have only on occasion listened to Jones might mistake him as a card-carrying-member of the Democratic Underground Forums Hate Element as he attempts to blame everything from chia pet abnormalities to the 9-11 terrorist attacks on Bush and a secret New World Order agenda. But he is often just as critical of leftwingers as he is rightwingers. He is a lot like Michael Moore in that he likes to see his own face and hear his own voice and that he takes news clips and spins them into his fantasy versions of reality. His websites include Prison Planet and Info Wars where he spins his propaganda agenda and sells you his merchandise. I love (though rarely believe) a good conspiracy because there is usually at least a small element of fact worthy of examination before the stories mushroom out of believability. And Jones’ sites have a conspiracy fantasy for everyone no matter your political or philosophical beliefs. You can learn about the moral meltdown fomented by a group of elitists in order to control the world. (Damn it I knew that naughty looking blonde I bumped into outside the district had civilization anarchy on her mind and not my devilish smile! It is probably a good thing I accidentally avoided talking to her.) You can learn about Bush and Kerry’s involvement in the secret Skull and Bones society and our Governments involvement in the 9-11 bombings. Find out the links between many of our politicians and power brokers as they meet and play dress-up in the secret of the Bohemian Grove. You can delve in to his flights of fantasy about the New World Order and the Bilderberg group as they plot and connive to form a one-world government that they control. Now I am not saying Jones is a lunatic. But he is the type of individual that if he sees something out of the ordinary – that immediately ostentatious government conspiracy visions start to race in his mind to create works of fiction for his followers to revel in. And his followers are many, especially since the Coast-to-Coast radio show has given him a lot of radio playtime over the years. You can even spot his followers on the local papers news forums spouting AlexJonesisms. Still I owe Jones and his group a hearty hurrah because after watching them and Geraldo spar on the 3 a.m. Fox replay. I laughed so hard that afterwards I was finally able to get about five hours sleep. It would have been even better if Geraldo had charged the crowd as he threateningly implied. Then I might have even had time for another Dew.



  1. Man, you have no idea how right you are in this article!

  2. In my opinion, Alex Jones and his followers take his show a little to seriously. Okay, probably a lot too seriously.

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